BREAKpoint Prerelease – Sunday 1/31

Fincastle Pokemon’s next Prerelease is happening on Sunday, January 31st – finishing up XY9_EN_26the prerelease events surrounding this exciting new set!  The newest set XY BREAKpoint introduces more new BREAK evolution cards, as well as some new heavy-hitting EX cards and others that threaten to impact the current “meta” game in a big way.

First on our list of “must have” cards: Gyarados EX – one of Gym Leader Logan’s favorite Pokemon.  With “Trick Coin” – or a few lucky dice rolls – you can be loaded with energy very quickly.  And with regular and Full Art versions of Gyarados and Mega-Gyarados, this set is a collector’s dream.

wm_normal_n014-pokemon-catcherAs they did with the previous set – BREAKthrough -Pokemon is re-printing several popular trainers and supporters.  Some of these like Great Ball, Pokemon Catcher, and Professor Sycamore are already in active use for Standard tournaments.  Their reprint at this time means we’ll have access to them long after their initial set releases move into Expanded format.  On the other hand, Max Potion – another reprint in this set – has been out of Standard format since July (and sorely missed).  This will certainly spice up some current decks, as well as give rise to new opportunities.

XY9_EN_66Speaking of new opportunities – imagine what the card Trevenant BREAK adds to the format when the set comes into tournament play (beginning Feb 24th).  Played atop BREAKpoint’s  Trevenant, you can increase the cost of your opponent’s basic Pokemon’s attacks (even EX Pokemon!).  But if you pair this new BREAK evolution with the XY Trevenant which blocks Items for your opponent, you can really put your opponent at a disadvantage.

**Professor Tip: Notice how the attack says “3 damage counters” – Pokemon has a long-standing meta-ruling which says the placing damage counters does not count as damaging a Pokemon.  This means that you avoid any Weakness or Resistance on your opponent’s Pokemon.  It also gets around any tool (like Hard Charm) or Ability which prevents damage from your attacks.  It only takes a little imagination – and remembering back to Phantom Forces to think about the synergy between this card and Golbat/Crobat “Bites”.

Registration is open now for this Prerelease at and will be open on-site from 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM on Sunday.  Entry fee is $30 per participant.  Players get a total of 8 packs of the new set – before it goes on sale in stores – and play in a fun tournament to test out these new cards and rules.








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