Gym Leaders Race Through Maryland States!

gojacksBeing from ACC country, we at the Gym always think of Maryland as the Terrapin state.  However, thanks to a quick internet search, we’re not so sure.  Is their state animal a blue crab?  We’re not really sure, but we do know that there is not a lot of writing material that comes to mind when we think about blue crabs.  They are tasty, though.  Anyway, while our blood runs Wahoo orange & blue, thanks to Gym Leader Logan’s love of the obscure, we love to cheer on the SDSU Jackrabbits.  Why South Dakota State?  Well, what mascot anywhere is cooler than the Jackrabbits?  The Jacks opened Friday afternoon in the NCAA tourney with the worst half of basketball that they’ve played all year against none other than the Maryland Terrapins.  Despite the bad start, they overcame an 18 point deficit in a matter of minutes, closing to within 2 in the last minute of the game, only to miss a last second chance to tie.  Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia had vengeance on their minds as they traveled to Maryland the following day for the Maryland State TCG Championships.  Avenge the Jacks they did, in impressive fashion, if we do say so ourselves.

Georgia led the charge in the Junior division.  The Junior division appeared to match up with the whole turtle theme, as she battled to 2 ties in matches that she felt she would have won if not for the horribly slow play of her Toad-toting opponents.  However, the ties were the only blemishes on her record for the day and she entered the top cut as the #2 seed.  With no ties possible in top cut, toitleGeorgia grinded her way through 2 more Toads, defeating both of them handily.  Georgia claimed her 2nd Maryland State Championship (2013 & 2016) as a junior, avenging the Jacks along the way (not that anyone in Maryland probably cares… but if you are reading in South Dakota… the Gym has got your back!).  Georgia appears to just get stronger with each tournament, approaching each one with a very business-like mentality, much like our home-state Hoos.  Great job, Georgia!

Gym Leader Logan provided the most rabbit-like performance of the day.  Logan piloted his speedy deck through the swiss rounds to claim the #2 seed entering the top cut in the Senior Division, blowing away everyone he played, save the one deck that out-sped him, Night March.  Entering the top cut, his potential match-ups were a rematch with the March deck, a Trevenant deck (which he wabbitthrashed earlier) and a Houndoom-mill deck.  Logan unfortunately drew the March deck, that he traded prizes with but could not outrun or outlast, only to watch it match up with Trevenant in the finals and get wrecked.  Perhaps an ID in the last round could have altered the match-ups in the top 4 and provided him with an easy path to victory… we don’t know.  We at the Gym try to just play the game and stay away of those kind shenanigans.  Either way, the 3rd place finish was still a great day for Logan (who actually got to play test this deck 3 whole times).

The championship points earned wrap up Logan’s invite to the World Championships in August.  We know that he is thrilled with the finish.  We can’t yet put words to how impressed we are with the year he is having, as he maintains A+ averages in school, balances the workload at the STEM academy, boomall the while spending most evenings working with the robotics team as they battle through regional tournaments in the quest to return to the First Robotics World Championships.  If Gym Leader Joel recalls correctly, at Logan’s age, he was playing with fireworks and hiding injuries obtained jumping his bike off homemade ramps.  Different world, we guess.  Simply put, Logan is awesome!

I guess in our version of the fabled tale, our team of jackrabbits ran the whole race, passing up any breaks along the way, and surprisingly enough (not), blew away the turtle heavy field.  Unfortunately for Logan, the only other rabbit in the race was just a little bit quicker, but we’ll take the end results.  Gym Leader Georgia crossed the finish line, barely out of breath and ready to race again.  Check back in a few days for some updates on upcoming events.  Come by and battle with us this Sunday at our regular time.  See you at the Gym!



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