2016 TCG States Come To A Close

raceAs the TCG State Championship series wraps up this weekend, so does a very impressive run from the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s best.  Gym Leader Georgia entered the series with her World Championship invitation already in hand, so for her, the State Championships were a chance to test out some different ideas.  Gym Leader Logan, on the other hand, entered the series looking to secure an invitation to Worlds, a concept that he was not even on his radar as he began this season.  As they frequently do (a fact that we sometimes take for granted), both Georgia and Logan went above and beyond.

We mentioned in our last post how Georgia dominated the field in Maryland en route to claiming that State Championship for her 2nd time as a Junior.  Georgia followed up that performance the next week in North Carolina by battling her way into the top cut.  Once in cut, she defeated her higher seeded 1st round opponent in straight games before falling to the eventual champion in the Top 4.  She claimed 3rd place overall at NC.  Yesterday, at the Virginia State stoooppyChampionships, we made one of those “faux pas” calls that you would think we’d know better than doing at this point.  We changed deck ideas last-minute and put together a deck on Thursday to play over the weekend.  Gym Leader Joel takes credit for that bad idea, as it was the wrong call for the field at Virginia.  However, the silver lining for Georgia was that it was a chance to try a mechanic that she had not used before.

We’d have to go back a ways to get an accurate total, but from Gym Leader Joel’s aging memory, we know that yesterday’s flop was at least the 11th different deck that Georgia has piloted this season between the City Championship series, States, Regionals and League Challenges.  While Gym Leader Joel is the mind behind all of the builds, Georgia takes to all of them with an open mind and has pulled out some impressive wins over decks that most players would agree were better builds (the best that can be bought off of the decklist sight of your choice). Georgia jumps head-first into any idea we throw at her and often out plays her dear old dad with his own ideas.  We feel that all of these experiences combine to make her a stronger player.

yayOh yeah, while in NC, Georgia followed up her top 4 performance in the TCG on Saturday by winning the VG Mid-Season Showdown on Sunday.  Georgia has one more VG Showdown today at Virginia.  We think that, like yesterday’s TCG event, the outcome can’t yield anymore CP points than what she already has, but one more chance to test out the field/format is always a welcome one.

In a few limited engagements this season, Gym Leader Logan managed to put himself in contention for an invitation of his own.  Logan sealed the invite in Maryland with his Top 4 finish there.  Much like his younger sibling, Logan rolled again in NC.  Logan finished the swiss rounds without a loss on the day.  He won a tight opening round game in top cut, in which he said that he misplayed and “got lucky” (don’t know the details on that one).  In top 4, he split games with a Vespiquen/Vileplume deck.  What we are learning about that deck is this… if it goes 1st, it is almost an auto-win over anything.  However, if it goes 2nd, it is vulnerable to any and everything.  That’s how his top 4 game went.  It went 1st in game 1 and shut him down.  Logan went 1st in game 2 and ran over it.  Of course his opponent chose to go 1st in game 3 and won the match.  Logan claimed 4th place in NC.

fahrtLogan fell in to the same trap that hurt Georgia in Virginia, as we made “in theory” changes to his deck for Virginia.  A brutal week of STEM and high school homework left him with no time to play test at all before traveling to Chantilly, VA.  Instead of returning to a deck that he’s done well with, we let him also play a crippled deck, which he still almost piloted into the top cut.  Just like Georgia’s weekend, we’ll take the experience from the weekend and lock into our collective memory not to brain fart so loudly before any more organized play events.

Glowing black planet in outer spaceThe Fincastle Gym would like to thank all of you that visited and shopped at our Dark Moon Cards and Games store in North Carolina.  We had a successful weekend thanks to your patronage.  Just as a note to those who visit our online store, we took most of inventory offline while we were in NC, which of course means we have to re-enter it all.  Gym Leader Marthe has been working diligently to get everything listed again.  Also, thanks to being able to buy some cards while in NC, we were able to get some cards that we haven’t had in stock for a while.  So, if you are looking for TCG singles, check us out.  We’ll be adding additional inventory of the next couple of weeks, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, check back in a few days.  Thank you all again!

Gym Leader Joel will be opening league at our normal time today (Sunday, 4/10) and hopefully the rest of the gang will be back before the end of league to join everyone.  See you at the Gym!


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