New Friends League Challenge Today (5/29)

Pokemon_SunMoon_StartersIn the spirit of anticipation for a new Video Game (new region and new starters), the Fincastle Pokemon Gym is proud to host the “New Friends” League Challenge in Fincastle this Sunday.  As the TCG and VG National Championships and World Championships both draw near, there are still a few chances to test out ideas and pick up a few Championship Points between now and then.  Here are the details:

  • Registration: 1:00pm-1:30pm, with play beginning shortly after
  • Entry:  $5, all age divisions
  • Prizes:  Booster Packs to 1st-4th place in each division, CP awarded according to League Challenge guidelines

You will need to arrive with your 60 card, Standard Format deck (XY-Fates Collide) and deck list.  Blank lists will be available on site, but we will get started quicker if you arrive with your list already filled out.  Remember, Fates Collide, the newest set, is now tournament legal, so cards from that set (including the reprint of “N”, may now be used).

We will have league at our normal time (3:00-5:30pm).  If the event is still going on when you arrive for league, you may play at the open tables and the Gym Leaders will join you when the challenge is done.  Any questions, email us.  Gym Leader Joel has 1 more Spotlight article on the way.  Our schedule got a little out of kilter with the end of the school year events this past week.  We’ll post the article early next week, so check back soon.  See you this afternoon at the Gym!


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