Gym Holds First Event in Lexington!

lexingtonThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym was thrilled to take its show on the road, up the interstate to Lexington on Saturday.  The Gym hosted its 1st Pokemon open house at the Rockbridge Regional library and drew quite the crowd.  The Gym Leaders entertained a group of about 35 players, collectors and parents Saturday afternoon.  While some players learned to play the TCG for the 1st time, others did a little coloring, made a few trades, played some VG battles and just learned about what we do.  The Fincastle Gym leaders supplied a few rounds of door prizes, drawn periodically over the afternoon for those who came by.  We also had the opportunity to help a few players make some new decks from the cards in their collections.  We at the Gym had a great time and hope all who attended did as well.  The only thing we forgot was to get the camera out and take some dang pictures!

The Gym Leaders will return to the Lexington library on Saturday, July 16th for another “open play” event.  Just as a reminder, we do welcome Video Game (VG) players as well as those interested in the TCG.  While the VG is a fairly new frontier for us, we feel that we have become fairly strong coaches in the VG realm, as this year marks the 1st year that the Gym has qualified a VG player for the World Championships.  We are glad to offer any tips and strategy that we can for VG players, or at least provide some tough teams for you to try your best pokemon against.  You never know, you might teach us something new along the way.  We will also have some of our competitive TCG decks with us so that you can test out your best against ours.  We’ve always felt that playing against good players with strong deck builds helps new players improve quicker than any other method.

Following the event on the 16th, the Gym will return to Lexington on Saturday July 23rd to run the areas 1st ever pre-release tournament.  This event will take place in the Preston Library Periodical Room on the Virginia Military Institute campus.  We’ll post some more details as the tournament draws closer.  However, for those not familiar with a pre-release… the tournament is a pay-to-enter event.  For your entry fee, you get a pre-constructed deck from Pokemon centered around cards from the new Steam Siege set.  In addition to the deck, you receive 4 booster packs, from which you can use any cards you get to modify the deck.  We then play a short, for-fun tournament.  In this event, you can win additional booster packs, with everyone getting at least 2 more packs.  When all is said and done, you keep everything, including the energy cards we provide for your deck builds.  Pre-release events are a great way to try playing in a tournament setting for those who would like to try their hand at it.  They also provide a good starting point for a new player to build their collection and expand the base of cards they can use to build new and more competitive decks.

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym wishes to thank all who came out to the Lexington Library and help make our 1st event in that area a fun one.  If you have any questions, email us at or join our Facebook group.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon!  Until next time, see you at the Gym!


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