Lynchburg Steam Siege Pre-Release This Saturday!

steamThe 11th expansion of the XY era is here and pre-release tournaments continue this weekend.  The new set, XY – Steam Siege, contains 114 new cards, including 4 new EX pokemon, 2 new Mega Evolutions, 7 new BREAK pokemon and 8 dual-type pokemon.  Dual-typing for the pokemon characters is a mechanic that has not been seen since the days of Crystal Guardians and Delta Species. We also know that the long-awaited full-art “Professor Sycamore” is included in the new set.  The Fincastle Gym is hosting 1 more event this weekend.  Our last event is this Saturday, 7/30/16, in Lynchburg, Va.  The tournament is at the newest league in our area.  Kevin Harrison and his son Lucas, who have been training at the Gym over the last 2 years, are heading up the new venture at Star Port, located in River Ridge Mall.  Here are the specifics.

Lynchburg – 7/30/16

Place:  Star Port, River Ridge Mall, 3405 Candlers Mountain Rd, Lynchburg, VA

Time:  Registration – 1:00p-1:30p, with play beginning shortly after

The cost for the event is a $30 entry fee.  For that fee, you will receive a 22 card deck, an exclusive promo card (1 of 4) and 4 booster packs of the new set, which you will open as they are passed out.  From this pool of cards (and an unlimited supply of basic energy cards, which you also get to keep), you will build a 40 card deck.  With this deck, everyone in attendance will play a small tournament.  Everyone will receive at least 2 additional booster packs after the tournament concludes.  Top finishers in the event will receive extra packs as well.  Of course, all of the packs are from the new set, Steam Siege.  Door prizes will also be awarded after the tournament.

Pre-release tournaments are great “beginner” events.  All skill levels, including new players are encouraged to attend.  The Gym Leaders will all be on hand, so if you don’t know how to play, we can help you figure it out.  It is also very likely that you will pair up against someone who does know how to play and from our experience, pokemon players are always willing to help you learn.  Whether you win the event or don’t win a game, it is a fun, low-key environment.  Parents… if you think this game is too confusing to try, a pre-release is a great opportunity for you to learn how to play.  One thing that we can attest to is this… parents that know how to play lead to kids that are better at playing in competitive events.

We are always excited to see a new store and venue.  Come check it out with us this Saturday.  We will be at the Gym at our normal time on Sunday.  See you soon at the Gym!


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