In San Francisco, Out of Time!

friscoThe Fincastle Gym Leaders have been in the City by the Bay for a few days now and we’ve been trying to take in as much as possible in a short amount of time.  From its iconic landmarks, to its amazing food, to its cool and breezy weather (much appreciated by Virginians this time of year), we love what we’ve been able to sample of ‘Frisco.  However, its time for the Gym Leaders to get down to business and focus on why we’re here… the 2016 TCG World Championships.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with no more time for any more articles on some of the lists we liked, but cut.  We can give a brief glance at what we had planned to share.  First up was a double article, meaning 2 very similar decks that worked off of the same engine… the Fairy engine.  Both were box decks, one with an assortment of Dragon-types that all worked off of the ability of Aromatisse to move the “Double Dragon Energy” around, and the other, a mix of attackers thatfrisco1 could take advantage of weaknesses by moving “Rainbow Energy”.  Both decks scored well, but sometimes lacked the speed and consistency we wanted.  The other 2 decks were throwbacks to the Primal EX’s, Groudon and Kyogre.  Honestly, if we had received the printing of “Karen” that many players wished for, these 2 decks were among our top 2 or 3 decks and it was very likely that you would have seen at least one of our leaders w/one of them.  The Grass-type weakness and the threats of Vespiquen, Yanmega and Shiftry made both decks feel too risky for us.

We apologize for not having the time to deliver those article to you.  Check back all weekend as we plan to post lots of photos of the event and keep you up to date on how Georgia and Logan fare.  Once the tournament is underway, you can follow the action live at  This looks like a revamped site from our last experience at Worlds, but it appears that it should show up-to-date standings info as well as offering live streams of both VG and TCG matches.  If you get a chance, look to the west and give Georgia and Logan a little shout… we promise we will hear your!  Go Gym!


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