2016 Worlds Photos!

DSCN8121Well, to highlight the point that we made yesterday about Georgia’s match-ups and the strength of the Japanese contingent… here’s how Georgia’s last 3 Day 1 opponent’s stood at the end of Day 2.  Asaki Hasegawa (her 4th round opponent) is in 4th place overall with a record of 5 wins, 0 losses and 2 ties, entering the Top 8 playoffs as the #4 seed.  Hajime Imura (her last round loss) finished in 9th place (1 spot out of the Top 8 playoff) with a record of 5-1-1.  Iori Kato (her 5th round loss) finished 32nd with a record of 4-3.  Georgia was dialed in yesterday, crushing every US players she faced.  How she drew this trio of amazing players is beyond us.  We assume Top 8 matches are underway and we don’t know how they are progressing, but 5 of the 8 are Japanese.

DSCN8061Rather than contemplate any further what divine force was working against Georgia yesterday, lets look at more photos from Day 1.  As some of you may have already learned, 2 Pokemon VIP’s were present to treat players with a first look at new additions to both the TCG and VG  Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president and CEO of The Pokemon Company, spoke first, revealing a new “mechanic” coming to the card game when Sun & Moon expansions reach us later this year.  Those expansions will include new pokemon “GX”, which he stated will be powerful in their own right, while sporting a very powerful attack that can only be used once per game.

DSCN8069Ishihara was followed by Junichi Masuda, the video game director for Game Freak.  Masuda revealed another new “Alola” region character dubbed Crabrawler.  Masuda explained how his love for eating crab lead to the development of this character into a powerful Fighting-type pokemon.  We all agreed that its appearance was pretty comical, but it sounds like that may be offset by a powerful set of attacks.  We taped the kickoff video but the lighting made its quality too poor to post here.  Beyond that, we don’t think too many of the other pictures require much explanation… they are just shots from around the venue and of some match play.  Have a look and enjoy!


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