A Plethora Of October Events Remain At The Gym!

guapo1Would we say we have a plethora of events?  Oh yes, we have a plethora of events still remaining in October at the Gym.  And don’t worry, we would not tell someone that we have a plethora, if we did not have any idea what a plethora is.  We definitely know what it means to have a plethora.  Sorry to say, there will not be any pinatas involved, but we hope each event will be filled with little surprises.  We are sorry that we have not made the time to post here in the last week or so, but October has already been a very busy month for the Gym.  Gym Leaders Georgia and Logan got their feet wet in their 1st major event of the year, the Orlando Regional.  Gym Leader Marthe is knee-deep in the planning stages of the Blue Ridge Regional coming to Roanoke next May.  All of the leaders have been busy welcoming and teaching new players at both our Fincastle and Lexington leagues.  At times it feels like events are falling from the sky like gringos.  We try to handle them with a little more grace than El Guapo.

guapo2In Orlando, Gym Leaders Georgia and Logan played in their 1st large event in the new ages groups, as Georgia aged up into the Senior Division and Logan has finally become a Master.  Both leaders represented the Gym well in the massive event (over 720 competitors in the TCG event).  Logan carried an undefeated record through the 1st portion of the day, playing his way up to table 12 at one point.  Logan finished with a record of 5-3-1, picking up a handful of Championship points while getting his 1st taste of how “skilled” masters play to manipulate the clock to control the outcome of matches.  Georgia recovered from a horrible 0-2 start to finish her day with a record of 3-2-1, picking up a booster box for her 29th place finish, but no points as Senior Division attendance lacked the players required to stretch points out to the top 32.  Both players turned in solid performances and hopefully learned a little more about what they need to do to compete in their new age groups.

The Gym will be hosting the following events over the remainder of the month of October:

  • Saturday 10/22 – X/Y EvolutionsPre-release @ Starport in River Ridge Mall, Lynchburg, VA
  • Sunday 10/23 – XY Evolutions Prerelease @ Preston Library VMI, Lexington, VA
  • Sunday 10/30 – VG  Premier Challenge @ Fincastle Library (1pm)
  • Sunday 10/30 – XY Evolutions Prerelease @ Fincastle Library (3pm)
  • Sunday 10/30 – 3rd Annual Pokemon Costume Contest – Fincastle Library (to be awarded during pre-release)

DSCN6389 - CopyAs you can see, there is a lot going on over the next few weeks.  Details on all of these events are listed in our “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of this page.  On Sunday, October 30th, you can see that we have multiple events going on all afternoon.  We will kick the afternoon off with our 1st VG Premier Challenge of the season.  The format for this event remains unchanged from that seen through Nationals and Worlds.  This is a good chance to pick up valuable VG Championship points.  We hope that those who compete will stay with us for the ensuing pre-release tournament/costume contest.  This is always one of our favorite events of the year.  We hope you will join us.

Happy Halloween!

We will have league at our normal time this Sunday, 10/22, in Fincastle, as Gym Leader Joel will oversee it, while the rest of the Gym travels to Lexington for their pre-release.  We will keep a few tables open for league play on Sunday, 10/30, during our home pre-release at the Gym.  You are welcome to come and play AND you still can enter the costume contest, which of course is free to enter, if you choose to not participate in the pre-release.  Just remember that our Gym Leaders will be tied up in the pre-release and contest, so they will be unavailable for league games until everything else is complete.

guapo3It doesn’t end there by any means, as we have another League Challenge on November 13th just after Philadelphia Regionals .  If that’s not a plethora, then perhaps we do not know what a plethora is.  See you soon at the Gym!



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