Merry Christmas From The Gym!

hohoThe Fincastle Gym is counting down the days on another great year.  This our 7th year has been an interesting one for sure.  We watched as Gym Leader Georgia turned in a dominating final year in the Junior Division, placing in several Regionals, winning a State Championship, claiming the highest finish ever by a Gym member at the National Championships and becoming our 1st player to earn World Championship invitations in both the TCG and VG.  Her dominating performance at Worlds fell short as she drew a trio of Japan’s best over her last 3 rounds that ultimately denied her a chance at the Day 2 event.  Georgia was not alone is her disappointment, as she was one of many top Juniors that did not make Day 2 at Worlds, essentially having their strong seasons erased by the massive last-chance-qualifier style Day 1.  Equally impressive over the 2016 season was Gym Leader Logan’s last year in the Senior Division, as he won when it counted, struggling to find time for Pokemon in a very busy academic schedule.  Logan earned his 3rd World Championship invitation, a feat that few players will ever come close to being able to say.

Our year at league and local events brought us together with many old friends and lead us to meet a lot of new players.  Our league offers one of the most unique opportunities in DSCN8118Southwest Virginia, as we provide a very welcoming experience for players of all ages.   Whether you want to be competitive, like playing for fun or just want to hang around other pokemon fans, we help players discover aspects of the TCG and VG that they never knew existed.  Our local TCG and VG tournaments, whether large or small, give people in our area a chance to experience play at the highest levels.  Over the years we’ve seen many players come and go and we at the Gym are always looking for ways to keep players hooked.  We wish that everyone that had ever played at the Gym still attended (if they did, we’d have to find somewhere much larger than the library, as that number at this point is well over 300 people).  We love every minute of it and want to thank you all for helping make 2016 a wonderful year!

Now for a few quick reminders.  We will not have league for the next 2 Sundays (12/25 and 1/1) as the holidays unfortunately landed on our days.  Lexington players, the same goes for our league days with you, meaning no league on the next 2 Mondays (12/26 and 1/2).  However, all is not lost for the remainder of 2016.  Don’t forget about the League Cup on 12/27 at our partner league in Lynchburg.  The event is taking place at Star Port in the River Ridge Mall (details on our “Upcoming Events” tab).  We will resume our regular league schedule on  1/8/17.  Check back here over the next few weeks as we may look at a few decks, including an offering from our own Iain M!

The Fincastle Gym hopes that you all have a very Merry Christmas!  See you soon at the Gym!


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