Next Up – Blue Ridge Regional Championships – May 6 & 7




We are just over 2 weeks away from the biggest Pokemon event that Roanoke has ever seen.  Roanoke’s first Regional Championship takes place over the weekend of May 6th at the Berglund Center in the heart of the downtown area.  Organizers David and Pam Tuskey and our very own gym leader Marthe Honts have been planning for the last year to make this event not only a success, but a unique event that all lovers of Pokemon will be able to enjoy.  By combining their collective years of experience, they have put together a schedule of events that take this Regional beyond the standard mold (main event + side events at spare tables w/ 1 card vendor in the corner).  From a cosplay contest to Pokemon GO tours to the east coast’s first ever Battle Fiesta, the Blue Ridge Regional will offer more than you have seen at similar Pokemon weekends.

The Fincastle Gym Leaders have been doing this long enough become overly familiar with the “standard” Regional weekend.  Registration that is supposed to be complete by a certain time, followed by a delayed start time into an event that runs deep into the night.  If you play the right deck and battle on through the day, you stay preoccupied with your next round and when you are going to find time to eat.  However, if you lose out early or are just there for someone else who is playing, you are in for a long day.  Addressing that problem is how we approached this event.

Over the next few days, we will go into detail on everything that is happening over the course of the weekend.  We have been attending local anime and comic cons and have become big fans of those events.  We hope that this Regional will have an air of a con mixed in with the excitement of the huge TCG and VG tournament.  The next series of posts on this site will detail the in’s, out’s and what-have-you’s of our vendors, cosplay contest, GO tours and side events, which include Pokken, video game and card game contests of all levels and a Battle Fiesta (Festa in Japan), the first of its kind that we’ve seen anywhere outside of Japan.  As Gym Leader Joel will be vending for Dark Moon Cards and Games instead of playing, we will also show you the deck that he had worked out to play for the weekend.  We will even throw in a calendar of events for the surrounding area, as there is a lot going on in Roanoke that weekend.

Check back here soon and take a look at part 1 of this series:  The Cosplay Contest.  See you soon at the Gym!


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