Blue Ridge Regional Championships – Pokemon BinGO Tours

July 6, 2016.  A date that will live in Pokemon lore forever…  The day exercise became FUN!  If you love catching Pokemon in the real world, we have a fun addition to the Blue Ridge Regional Championships for you: a Pokemon GO Tour around Roanoke!

What could be more fun than exploring this beautiful city with your Pokemon companions, you ask?  BINGO!  Before you go pack your marking dots and stake out a six-table spread at the local VFW, it’s not that kind of BINGO.  It’s Pokemon BinGO!

That’s right – BINGO with Pokemon GO!

Here’s all the news you need to know to participate in this inaugural event.  Tours are offered Saturday (May 6th) and Sunday (May 7th) at the Blue Ridge Regional Championships.  All you have to do is come by the event – remember it’s free to the public – and get a ticket for the tour of your choice.  Tickets for just $15 are on sale at the venue for each tour time:

  • Saturday – 10 AM
  • Saturday – Noon
  • Saturday – 3 PM
  • Sunday – 10 AM
  • Sunday – Noon

When your tour is ready to depart, a Pokemon GO Tour Guide will meet your tour group by the Pokemon Photobooth in the lobby of the Berglund Special Event Center.  As you board the shuttle van, you’ll receive a Pokemon BinGO card for your tour.

As you stop at each of the tour stops, you will work to catch Pokemon that fulfill the requirements on any of the squares on your card.  Just note the following rules:

  1. Pokemon must be caught (or eggs hatched) the day of the tour
  2. Any Pokemon can only fulfill the requirements of one square (except where the square asks you to catch more than one Pokemon – 5 male Pokemon, for example)

BinGO cards are turned in after the Tour for Prize Tickets – 10 tickets for the card, plus 10 more tickets for each row, column or diagonal which is completed.  Your Tour Guide will help review your card and your game information, so naming Pokemon with the coordinates of the spot (C1, A5, T2) may help to speed up the redemption process.

Whether you live in Roanoke and haven’t had a chance to make it to Mill Mountain to catch Pokemon yet, or you’re visiting just to find out what Roanoke has to offer, come by and take a Pokemon GO Tour and explore. Remember entry into the venue is free!  Come on by and explore a bit, we hope you’ll want to explore more!



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