October Pre-Releases & Costume Contests Coming Up!

It’s October, which at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym means  Fall pre-release time.  The upcoming set, Crimson Invasion, looks like it will add some cool new cards, including the Ultra Beasts from Sun & Moon, but that’s not what we’re most excited about.  To us, October means it’s time for Halloween and more importantly, our league’s costume contests.  Our small but hardy group has turned in amazing costume ideas over the years.  We can’t say for sure whether our favorite part is seeing everyone else’s entries or making our own, but either way, we can’t wait for them to get here.

Our pre-release schedule actually begins this coming weekend.  The Fincastle Gym will run two events next weekend and then two more at the end of the month.  On Saturday, 10/21/17, we will be at Untamed Worlds in Lynchburg at 1:00pm for the first tournament.  From there, we head to Lexington on 10/23/17 at 4:oopm for pre-release #2, held in the Preston Library on the campus of VMI.  We are not holding costume contests at the first two events.  If you’d like to enter a contest, you’ll just have to join us on the following weekend.

On Saturday, 10/29/17, we’ll be at Starport, in Lynchburg’s River Ridge Mall at 1:00pm.  Then we return home on Sunday, 10/30/17, to The Gym for our final pre-release of the series and main costume contest.   The Fincastle Event takes place during our regular meeting time, starting at 3:00pm.

As most of you know, The Gym is hosting its second Roanoke Regional Championship next May.  At this year’s event, one of our side events was a full-on costume/cosplay competition.  We hope to expand that competition at the upcoming Regional Championship.  Our local pre-release/costume contests are great opportunities to try out any ideas you have for the cosplay event at the Regional, or at least practice your creative skills.  While the Starport and Fincastle events won’t be able to match the cash prizes awarded at this year’s Regional, we will have some cool prizes, including Halloween plushes and additional packs of Crimson Invasion.

The number of pictures we’ve complied of awesome costume entries has grown a little large to re-post here.  Check out the following links to view pics of past costume contests.  Be sure to check back here during the first week of November to view this year’s entrants and winners.  See you soon at The Gym!

Halloween 2014

Halloween 2015

Halloween 2016


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