January Is “Bring A Friend” Month At The Gym!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is kicking off 2018 by bringing back one of our old favorites.  The month of January at the Gym is what we once called “Force Your Parents To Play” month.  Our original idea was meant to get the parents of gym trainers to give the Pokemon TCG a try for two major reasons.  The first reason is pretty simple.  We believe that getting involved in anything that your kids do and spending time with them is always a good thing.  Many parents are quick to write this game off as something they’ll never understand.  However, usually after a game or two, they get the hang of it.  The second reason is for those who want to go beyond casual play and try their hand at the competitive tournament scene.  One thing that we’ve seen hold true over the years is that the majority of, if not all of the competitive Junior and Senior players have parents that are heavily involved in the game.  Either way, if you can talk you parents into joining you, you will both get some goodies from the Gym.

We don’t want to stop with just parents for our 2018 kickoff, so we suppose we will just rename our tradition.  “Bring a Friend” month seems to be more appropriate for what we offering at the Gym.  Throughout the month of January, if you bring a new player to our league, whether that player is a friend or a parent, you both will get rewarded.  The new player will receive a brand new starter deck that is theirs to keep.  The trainer that brings the new player will get a free booster pack.  You are welcome to show your guest the “ins and outs” of the TCG.  If they need any help figuring the game out, our full complement of Gym Leaders will be on hand to help.  As always, we encourage everyone to mix it up, play games with other trainers and meet new people.  In addition to the starter deck, the new player will receive free entry into the next league challenge that they are able to attend, if they so desire.  If you are a brand new visitor to the Gym during January and have no one to “bring” you, you may choose the pack or the deck, whichever may suit your needs more.  Remember, if you can round up a friend to come with you, you can decide who is bringing who and claim both.  If we receive a good response and our supplies hold up, we will likely continue the promotion into February.  We will let everyone know for sure when that time gets closer.  If you want to make sure you get in on it, come join us during the month of January.

This month, the Gym will host a TCG league challenge on January 14 and a VG challenge on January 21.   We hope that lots of you got cool new cards over the Christmas break and we look forward to seeing what you got.  We are also excited to see some new faces at the Gym.  If anyone has a question before coming by, feel free to contact us at our league email or on Facebook.  See you soon at the Gym!


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