February TCG League Challenge Results

The Fincastle Gym had another fun weekend on the convention circuit.  After spending Saturday at the Big Lick Comic Con, we returned to our home league to host our TCG League Challenge for the month.  This was our last event before the Ultra Prism set becomes legal for the standard format.  With our players knowing that, we saw a lot of old favorites in terms of the decks present.  Our only disappointment was the absence of any Junior players.   The prizes and Championship Points are there for the taking, but it’s up to you to come and get ’em.

After a three round tournament, here is how the event unfolded.


1st Place – Logan H
2nd Place – Joel H
3rd Place – Chris L


1st Place – Georgia H
2nd Place – Emma L
3rd Place – Alexis C

In the Seniors, Georgia squeaked out a Round 1 win to slip by Alexis, who played very well for her first tournament.  Georgia then cruised through the last two rounds to take the top spot.  Logan survived a tight second round match-up with his dear old dad to hold on to the top spot in Masters.

Next Sunday, 2/18/18, we will hold league at our regular time.  3/4 of the Gym Leaders will be on the road, but Gym Leader Joel will be there to oversee the days events.  He may be able to take on Gym Challenges depending on attendance.  If we can’t get any in next Sunday, we’ll be able to field them the following week.  Check back in a few days to look at the retired Steel-type deck.  See you at the Gym!


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