Trade In Cards For Packs At The Gym!

The Fincastle Gym Leaders (and Dark Moon Cards and Games) are on the lookout for some cards… and maybe you have them in your collection!  While this isn’t exactly “Cash for Clunkers” – we would like to open up an exchange program where you can redeem some of your cards for brand new packs of Ultra Prism!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

– Jumbo Cards – any and all cards in “like new” condition (no bends, teeth marks, food stains, etc.)

– Regular Pokemon Cards – in any condition, which fall into any of the following categories:

  • Starter Pokemon (any generation) – only the Basics
  • Pikachu (any set)
  • Eevee and Eeveelutions (any type)
  • Legendary Pokemon (any set)

Here’s our offer:

To earn a pack of Ultra Prism cards (while supplies last), just bring Gym Leader Marthe cards that total up to 20 points.  Jumbo Cards are worth 2 points and regular cards are worth 1.  So, 10 jumbo cards, 20 regular cards or any number of other combinations would work, such as 5 jumbo cards and 10 regular cards, 3 jumbo cards and 14 regular cards, etc.  Repeats of  cards are just fine.  If you have 10 Pikachu from Ancient Origins and 10 Torchic cards, that’s it – you have earned a pack of Ultra Prism.

This is a limited time offer and we are only looking to restock store supplies of these items, so plan ahead and bring your cards to the Gym as soon as you can!  Find Gym Leader Marthe and she’ll check out your supply.  Bring extras in case some of what you bring are not what we are looking for.  Check our events tab here and Facebook for details on other happenings at our league.  See you at the Gym!



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