TCG & VGC Challenges This Sunday At Gym!

The goal of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym regarding league/premier challenges is to conduct one of each (TCG & VG) each month.  Well, its March and unfortunately we’re busier than a cat covering poop on a marble floor this month.  However, we do have a solution to help those chasing championship points not miss out on a chance in the month of March.  While it’s not something that we intend to do often, this Sunday, we will host both challenges at the Gym.  Registration for both events will take place at our regular time.  We don’t want either event to fall short of the required number of players to make it official, as we have several trainers at the Gym that play both the TCG & VG.  So, should it become necessary, we may shift the start time of one of the events (by no more than an hour) or allow a player to enter both to make it all work out.  If we do, it should still allow us to finish well before the normal end of league time.  That being said… bring a friend or two with you to play in whichever event you are competing in so that it’s not an issue.  We must have a minimum of eight players for either a TCG or VG challenge to count.

Check the Upcoming Event Details link (also found at the top of the page) for all the specifics on both events.  Bring a friend or two and join us this Sunday for our challenges and regular league play.  See you at the Gym!



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