Forbidden Light Pre-Releases This Weekend

The Fincastle Gym is hosting two days of pre-releases this weekend.  Forbidden Light is the 6th set in the Sun & Moon series, which will be officially released on May 4, 2018.  Forbidden Light contain over 130 cards, including 8 new GX’s, 5 new “Prism Star” cards and some interesting new support cards.  While the original Japanese set Forbidden Light contains 110 cards, this expansion combines cards released of the Japanese set and a subset dubbed, Ultra Force.

There are several notable features when glancing over this set.  One of these is the introduction of the Ultra Beast characters in a non-GX card form, or as many will say, “baby beasts”.  While these guys may not be game changers, they appear to offer solid, non-GX attackers for many existing decks.  Another feature is the re-typing of several existing cards.  Palkia and Dialga GX both get alternate typing, which benefit both cards.  Palkia GX can now be supported by “Aqua Patch” and Dialga GX can get the damage boost from DhelmiseEmpoleon, Magnezone, Garchomp and Infernape all get re-typed, which open up more options for decks that already feature these pokemon.  There is also the return of a few more “fossil” pokemon, that adapt to the slightly improved “fossil engine”, making them at least viable for use in a deck.  Gym Leader Joel is excited to try out the new Tyrantrum, but will reserve judgement on the card until he gets his hands on it (as often theory is far better than actual play).

The Gym will be at Starport Saturday in River Ridge Mall.  Check-in and on-site registration will begin at 1 PM, and we’ll start matches as soon as everyone gets their decks built.

We will be back at our home league on Sunday, kicking off the prerelease at 3 PM.  In addition to the prerelease, as always, there is room for open league play as well.  Come get an early look at this new set and see where it can contribute to your favorite deck.

See you at the Gym!


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