2018 Blue Ridge Regional Championships – Cosplay Contest

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is proud to host its 2nd Regional Championship Event in Roanoke over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  As we did last year, we are striving to incorporate special events as part of that weekend that you cannot experience anywhere but here in the heart of Virginia.  We tried a little bit of everything last year, from Pokemon GO tours, to photo booths, to the 1st attempt on US soil at a Japanese-style Battle Fiesta.  This year, the organizing team of the Fincastle Gym (Joel and Marthe) and Pam & Dave Tuskey have refined the weekend to focus on what worked best last year.  Gym Leader Joel will be detailing the plans for the weekend over the next two weeks, and hopefully slipping in an article or two on the Expanded Format in between, so check back here often to see our latest posts.  You can also follow our links to the main Blue Ridge Regional site and Facebook pages (Gym’s and Regionals) for registration info and additional details.  On to the 1st event in this series, the Pokemon Cosplay contest.

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is not just a league.  We are also Dark Moon Cards and Games, an online trading card store.  But, we’re not just that, either.  We also take our Dark Moon store on the road to anime conventions, comic conventions and other large pokemon championship events.  We love adding a little pokemon flavor into large events focused on people’s love for the worlds of anime, video games, sci-fi and horror because we love all of the above ourselves and would attend “Con” events even if we did not have a store.  Our favorite part of attending these Cons is seeing all the cosplayers and their amazing costumes.  If you follow our Gym page, you surely have seen our amateur attempts at the same during our annual Halloween pre-release events.  We are “newbs” at costuming and our efforts pale in comparison to what we’ve seen at many shows.  We enjoy it nonetheless.  It is with that in mind that we held a pokemon themed cosplay contest at the 2017 Blue Ridge Regional Championship.  We had a great turnout last year with some amazingly creative and accurate entries depicting both pokemon characters and trainers.  We at the Gym plan to make the contest bigger and better than last year’s.

The 2018 Pokemon Cosplay Contest, sponsored by none other than Dark Moon Cards and Games, will be a featured side event at the Regional Championship on Saturday, May 25th.  The Berglund Center opens to the public at 7:30am on Saturday, so we encourage those entering the contest to come as soon as they can so that have time to check out all the vendors and other side events available throughout the weekend.  Judging for the contest will begin at 10:00am on Saturday and continue, first come, first served, until 12:30pm.  All contestants will then enter a parade in the judging area at 1:00pm, where they will be announced and given one last chance to wow both judges and the audience.  Once that is complete, it will be on to the good stuff… the prizes!

Prizes will be awarded for the top pick overall and then the top in each of several  categories.  The overall winner will receive $100 cash.  The top pick in the other categories will received $50 cash each.  There will be an additional $50 reward for the crowd’s choice.  Depending on participation, we hope to be able to award additional runner–up awards including vendor coupons, Big Lick Comic Con passes (August) and other special prizes.

The competitive pokemon community joins the Fincastle Pokemon Gym in great anticipation of what both aspiring and experienced cosplayers will bring to our event.  We feel this exciting addition increases the “comic-con” atmosphere that you will only get at the Blue Ridge Regional… and that’s just the 1st side event to tell you about!  Check back here in a day or two for our next article where Joel will take an in-depth look at one of the staples of the Expanded format, the ACESPEC’s.  Join us this Sunday for league play and a League Challenge in Fincastle.  See you at the Gym!


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