2018 Blue Ridge Regional Championships – Battle Fiesta

The 2018 Blue Ridge Regional Championships is bringing back one of, if not the coolest side event of any of the regional and international tournament.  This Memorial Day weekend, we will host our 2nd Japanese-style Battle Fiesta.  At our 2017 Regional, we introduced the Fiesta to organized play in North America, but were still feeling out how the Japanese tournament really worked.  This year’s event is definitely and improvement over our 1st try, as we have a better working knowledge of how to operate it.  To sweeten the deal, this year’s Fiesta is sponsored by Troll and Toad, which gives a nice boost to the prize payout for the winners and participants.  There are several opportunities over the weekend to play in a “Qualifier” that can gain you entry into the Sunday afternoon Finals of the Fiesta.  The Berglund Center will be open on Friday this year (starting at 2:00pm), which means that you can enter a Qualifier in addition to the main Regional TCG event.  We will get into all of those details below.

We suppose that the best place to start is with the requirements and the rules.  There will be three different Qualifiers over the weekend, each lasting for 4 hours.  A minimum of 16 players are required to begin each Qualifier.


  • Players entered into a Qualifier will form a single-file line.
  • Players may enter each Qualifier at any time after it begins.
  • Players will be seated at tables based on their spot in line (approximately 2/3 of the players entered at the beginning will be seated at the start).
  • Players face off with their opponent for a single game with no time limit (there must be an outright winner).
  • The winning player reports the game results to their judge and then remains in their seat.
  • The next player in line moves up to play the most recent winner.
  • The losing player returns to the back of the line.
  • Any player that wins 3 games in a row, qualifies for the Finals.
  • When a winner of 3 moves out of his seat, the next 2 players in line match up at that spot.
  • Pairings are determined by place in line, so players may face each other multiple times in one event.
  • When time is called for the Qualifier, players enter into the +3 turn phase and a winner is determined by remaining prize cards after turns.
  • If a player is in the midst of a winning streak when time is called, that player’s record will be noted and they will continue as a seated winner at the beginning of the next Qualifier (w/no additional entry fee).


  • Decks must be in the Expanded legal format.
  • Players may not change decks during a qualifier.
  • Decks may change between qualifiers and between a qualifier and the finals.

Schedule of Qualifiers:

  • Friday from 2:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Saturday from 4:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Sunday from 8:00am – noon

Entry into the Fiesta is 2 Side Event tickets ($10).

Finals will begin at 12:30pm on Sunday.  All those who qualify will enter a single game, swiss round tournament with a top cut.  Prizes will be awarded for the top finishers.

Speaking of prizes…  everybody that enters walks away with something.  Each player that enters receives 10 Prize Wall tickets.  Players get an additional 10 tickets for each game won during the 4 hour event.  If you win 3 games in a row and qualify for the Finals, you win an additional 100 Prize Wall tickets.  Prizes for the Finals are being provided by Troll and Toad.  Once they finalize what those prizes are, we will update this post with those details, as well as our Facebook page.


We at the Gym think that this is a great supplemental event to the main TCG draw.  The Fiesta gives you a chance to play that 2nd deck that you “almost played” for the main event.  If you enter the Friday Qualifier, it gives you some real world testing for your main deck for the weekend.  If you are attending with an arsenal of decks, the Fiesta gives you a chance to play several, if not all of them over the course of the weekend.  If you have one of those disastrous starts We like the fact that if you miss the start of one of the qualifiers, that you can still jump in and play your way to the Finals.  Just remember, there are no ties (yay… like the good ol’ days of organized play) and there is no benefit to stretching out the length of games, so choose your deck wisely and you can get maximum effort out of your qualifier.

Events like this make Gym Leader Joel wish he were playing rather than organizing and vending, as the change of pace and potential variety of play is very appealing.  Maybe sometime soon, Pokemon or other organizers will follow our lead and promote a Fiesta we can join in.  Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with watching you have all the fun!  See you at the Gym!



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