2018 Blue Ridge Regional Championships – Side Events

This is the final weekend before the Fincastle Pokemon Gym brings the Blue Ridge Regional Championships back to Roanoke.  We have been highlighting some of the main features of the weekend here over the last week or two.  If you’ve been following us here, you hopefully had a chance to read about our big side events, the Cosplay Contest and the Battle Fiesta.  While those two are our featured “sides”, they are not our only ones.  We’ve got a pretty long list of additional side events, several of which are new ones for this year, that range from large to small in size, for players of the video game and trading card game.  Take a look below, we think you’ll like what you see.

Let’s start with one of the new ones.  The Pack Battle is a fun new way to play a quick game and win some prizes.  We can’t say for sure at this point which events we’ve seen the Pack Battle as a side event, but we liked what we saw, so we’re adding to our regional this year.  Here’s how they work:

  • Anywhere from 2 players to 8 may play at once.
  • Each player receives 1 booster pack.
  • Each player builds a 10 card deck, including energy.
  • Each player draws 4 cards and once they set out a Basic, sets out 1 Prize card.
  • Players battle as in a normal game.
  • If you take your prize card, you win.
  • If you draw your entire deck AND you have anything in the Discard pile, the Discard pile shuffles into and becomes your deck.
  • If you draw your entire deck and nothing is in your Discard pile, the game is over and your opponent wins.
  • Infinite loop(*) games will be decided by a coin flip.

*An infinite loop game is one where players are locked into an un-resolvable loop (Player 1 attacks for 10 damage, followed by Player 2 healing 10 damage, or something similar).

You may ask yourself, how can you build a deck with a 10 card pack?  Easy, if you’re a mutant.  OK, you don’t have to expose yourself to radiation, or anything.  You play by a long running, little known rule used in a variety of fun events called “Mutant Evolution”.  Mutant Evolution means that ANY Basic pokemon can evolve into ANY Stage 1 pokemon.  ANY Stage 1 pokemon then can evolve again into ANY Stage 2 pokemon.  The only thing that you do have to abide by is the energy cost of pokemon you are using.  So, if you are evolving a Gible into a Croconaw, you would need Water energy to use its attacks.  Make sense?  It’s easy to pick up, even if you have never played the game before.  You keep everything from your pack and the energy cards you used.  The winner of each game gets 10 Prize Wall tickets.

Video game players will get two chances to pick up championship points at side events this weekend.  On Friday at 3:00pm, there is a video game Premier Challenge (registration from 2:00-3:00pm).  Then again on Sunday, there is a video game Mid-Season Showdown at 10:00am, with registration beginning at 9:00am.  Video game players should check in at the Side Events table for fun format events too – like Legendary Battles, Egg Swaps, Little Cup and more.

There will be a variety of side events for Trading Card players all weekend.  Each event will include 8 players in a “pod”, playing 3 rounds of single-elimination to crown a winner.  Each player receives 10 Prize Wall tickets for playing, and 10 more for each round they win.  These events will run continuously, starting a new “pod” every time 8 players are signed up.  Simply sign up for your favorite:

  • 8-person pod – 1 event ticket – bring your own Expanded deck (Standard format pods will run if there are enough players interested)
  • 8-person Swag – 3 event tickets – bring your own Expanded deck – each player receives a Swag item of their choice (challenge coin, VG charger, t-shirt, etc.) and then play for Prize Wall Tickets.
  • 8-person Build & Battle – 3 event tickets – select a Prerelease kit (from any of the 4 previous sets) and build a 40-card deck to battle for Prize Wall Tickets.
  • TCG Challenge – 2 event tickets – Sunday 9:30 AM (just like a League Challenge, but not at a league!)

We think that covers it.  If we forgot anything, we’ll update this page as we remember it.  We do know this… this Memorial Day weekend will have something for everyone.  If you are here for the weekend, you can play all weekend in a nice mix of fun and competitive events.  If you can only come by for one day, we suggest that you walk around and see what we have.  After checking out the venue and the vendors, head over to the Side Event headquarters (look for the banner) and see what is available at that time and for the rest of the time that you will be there.  Collect as many tickets as you can and then redeem them at the Prize Wall (kind of like Chuck E Cheese without the parachute men and sticky hands).

Check back here for at least one more update and then get ready for an amazing weekend of Pokemon in the Star City.  See you soon!


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