Congratulations William, v2.0 & v3.0!

We pointed out in an article on his first badge at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym how a trainer at our league, William W, was really diving into the TCG and trying to improve.  Improve he most certainly has.  At our Expanded Regional tournament in May, William picked up 3 wins in a format that was pretty foreign to what he is accustomed to playing.  The only downside to his play at league (which is no fault of his) is that he has challenged Gym Leaders on Sundays that have been right in the middle of some very busy weeks for us.  We have not had the time sit down a give a proper account of his last several challenges.  We don’t have the numbers in front of us here in Berlin (yeah, I said Berlin… more on that later), but we know that during his last 4 or 5 attempts for badges, William earned 2 more wins.

The Sunday before our Regional, William took on Gym Leader Logan, who agreed to the challenge despite not having touched the Water-type deck for quite some time.  William built a Leafeon GX/Decidueye GX deck of sorts that held a strong type advantage against the Lapras GX deck.  The two split the first 2 games and played down to a game 3 where the next KO would decide the match.  Gym Leader Logan missed a KO on a Leafeon GX by 10 damage, falling on the next turn to a matching winning attack from William.

After several weeks and a couple of near misses against the Psychic-type deck, William finally broke through.  Having split the first 2 games with Gym Leader Marthe and her Espeon GX deck, after she ran a video game Premier Challenge, we had to postpone the conclusion until the following Sunday.  The following Sunday, after a TCG League Challenge, Gym Leader Marthe squeezed in game 3 of the match before the end of league.  Again the details escape us at this point, but Marthe recalls the game was fairly even until William loaded up a Gardevoir GX at the end that swung the game his way.

The Water-type and Psychic-type badges are William’s second and third badges earned at the Gym.  In the short period of time from the Water win to the more recent Psychic win, his play-style has improved immensely.  His turns were riddled with minor game-play errors that would’ve proved costly at a sanctioned event.  We discussed those mistakes with him and he listened.  William’s win over Gym Leader Marthe was a clean win.  As Gym Leader’s Georgia and Joel defeated him during the League Challenge, they both noted that William’s pace of play slowed down a little and that he did not make the same errors that he commonly did only a month earlier.

Great job, William, on the past 2 wins and on evolving into a much stronger trainer along the way.  We will be back here posting regularly in the next week, as we prepare for the North American Internationals (event formally knows as the National Championships).  Right now this author is so full of Schnitzel (not a curse word), Currywurst and Berliners that he can hardly function, much less write a cohesive article.  Hey, Gym Leaders need a vacation too.  See you soon at the Gym!

TCG Gym Badges Earned (aka, The Wall of Fame):

  • Austin W – Steel, Grass
  • Tyler D – Lightning, Steel, Grass
  • Chris L – Lightning, Fire, Grass, Steel, Psychic
  • James H – Psychic, Steel
  • Tessa Y – Fire, Psychic, Grass, Lightning
  • Angela Y – Lightning, Fighting, Psychic
  • Dustin  F – Psychic
  • Brycen F – Psychic, Lightning, Fire, Grass, Darkness, Steel
  • Troy B – Lightning, Psychic
  • Jordan L – Grass
  • Hunter H – Grass, Darkness, Steel, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Water, Fire and Dragon
  • Kelli B – Fire
  • Eli T – Grass
  • Isaac B – Steel
  • Jeff D – Psychic, Fire
  • Jacob A – Steel
  • Alex D – Lightning, Grass
  • Jacob V – Dragon
  • Alan G – Fire
  • Ryan N – Psychic
  • Wesley H – Fire
  • Alex T – Grass
  • Rob C – Psychic, Water, Lightning
  • Dean E – Grass, Fire
  • Robbie F – Lightning, Grass, Psychic, Darkness, Water
  • Nathan S – Dragon
  • Davis N – Lightning
  • Eddie R – Grass
  • Anna R – Grass, Steel
  • Noah S – Grass
  • Daniel S – Grass
  • William W – Lightning, Water, Psychic

*players in BOLD have won all 9 badges


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