New Site For Dark Moon C & G, Celestial Storm Pre-Releases Begin 7/21!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s card store and retail business, Dark Moon Cards and Games, just launched a new and updated website.  We are going to be taking our show on the road a little more often over the next few months and of course will be hosted our 3rd Roanoke Regional Championship this November.  Updates on where we’ll be and what is new at Dark Moon and The Fincastle Gym can be found there.  From that site you can link directly to our store, our Facebook page, this site and our Regionals site.  All of our events are listed there, as well as here.  Speaking of events…

Sun & Moon’s 7th set, Celestial Storm is here!  Our pre-release circuit begins this Saturday at Star Port in Lynchburg’s River Ridge Mall.  We’ll be at our home base, the Fincastle Library, on Sunday and then at “Lex Lynx” on Main St in Lexington on Monday.  Check out the events tab here from more details.

Celestial Storm has received a lot of hype going in the World Championships, mostly owing to the introduction of Rayquaza GX.  We played with a testing group last night in Roanoke and have to say, Rayquaza does not disappoint.  Hitting as it does, right before Worlds and the Sept 1st rotation, it is crazy-fast with all of the cards it has access to.  It can definitely be countered, but it surely will have a massive impact on the TCG World Championships.  And that’s not the only card in the set.  There are 168 cards in the set, with 10 new GX pokemon, an array of new Items, Supporters and Stadiums, and some solid Stage 1 & 2, non-GX characters.  Gym Leader Joel  is always happy when his favorites get a new card, and Celestial Storm hits 2 of those characters.  Ludicolo and Steelix are both getting very playable printings in the set.

Come join us, see what you get and have fun playing the pre-release format.  Here is a reminder of the dates.  See you the Gym!

Celestial Storm Prerelease
Saturday, 7/21 – Star Port, River Ridge Mall, Lynchburg – 1 PM
Sunday, 7/22 – Fincastle Library, Fincastle – 3 PM
Monday, 7/23 – Lex Lynx, Lexington – 4 PM

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