Changes At Gym For 2018-2019 Season

The Fincastle Gym Leaders are working through some new schedules, which includes an increase in the number of shows that our store, Dark Moon Cards & Games, attends.  As they are on the weekends, they obviously conflict with our league at times.  We’ve been working up our plans to post here, which was delayed thanks to a recent loan from a friend.  Gym Leader Joel (the author of these articles) was loaned a copy of “God of War” by a friend and has admittedly been drawn into the story-line of the game over the last two weeks… playing when he should have been writing a few posts.  What you can you do… it’s a really cool game.  Hopefully that tidbit of info might explain if Gym Leader Joel tries to summon you with a hearty, “Boy!” during league play.  At any rate, here are a few changes at our league.

Gym Leader Challenges

The origin of the Gym Leader challenge was meant to be a different way to encourage our young players to think about deck building.  By targeting a certain deck of a single type, we hoped to spur trainers on to build decks to focus on a goal.  By building, first a deck to defeat a Grass-type deck, then another to defeat a Psychic-type deck, our trainers get experience building and taking apart decks.  In doing so, that usually learn that many of the same skeleton builds, or Trainer/Supporter engines, work for multiple decks.  When you start to see that, you take a big step in learning to build consistent decks.  Nowadays, such a skill is not as essential, as you can now look up any list online and see then end results of groups of people working out consistency for you.  Nonetheless, we still value the skill.

What we’ve found over the last several years of league play, is that we often neglect time to spend with our younger players who are trying to learn the game by being tied up constantly in challenges with older players.  In general, older players generally have more access to cards and deck building resources and can build any of the competitive lists available online. We love to take on all challenges, but should point out that if you are a Master, you should be able to win the badge of your choice without much difficulty.

With that in mind, we are shifting our focus back to where is was originally intended to be, on our younger players.  This is how challenges with take place for this season and future seasons, until which time we see a need to revisit our league policy.

  • Juniors may challenge a Gym Leader on any Sunday.  On the 1st and 2nd Sundays, Junior challenges take precedence over all others.
  • Seniors may challenge a Gym Leader on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of each month.  On the 3rd Sunday, Senior challenges take precedence over all others.
  • Masters may challenge a Gym Leader on the 4th Sunday of each month.

If no one from the scheduled age group wishes to challenge a leader on any Sunday, then we all will be available to play fun games and test with during league play.  We will not accept challenges on weeks outside of the above schedule.  From time to time, we have had players travel from far and wide to be guests at The Gym.  If visiting players would like to take on a challenge, the Gym Leaders may make exceptions in those cases, depending on what we already have going on and who is available.

We have put off building several Gym decks simply because we have not had time to sit down and do so.  With the summer behind us, we hope to have one for each type by the end of this month (October).

League Challenges

We will try to keep these to either the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of each month.  This may be altered by our show schedule, so check the Upcoming Events tabs for dates.

Video Game Challenges

We plan to hold a VG event on the 4th Sunday of each month.  Again, check the events tab for dates and confirmation of dates.

League Cancellations

We have unfortunately had to skip a few weeks of league recently owing to our new schedules and the recent World Championships, which we had not originally planned to attend.  There may be some Sundays in the future where we are unavailable because of shows.  In that event, Gym Leader Logan may still be available to run league, or we may have a parent willing to do so.  We will post all cancellations here and on Facebook.  Be sure to check before driving to Fincastle.  We will do our best to not cancel league if at all possible.

Gym Leader Joel is hashing out the possibility of adding an addition league day on a weekday directly after school.  However, we have not confirmed anything with the library yet.  We will let everyone know if we get that worked out.

Any questions, please ask a leader either at league or via our email.  See you at The Gym!

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