MSS, Lost Thunder Pre-Release & Halloween Costume Contest This Sunday!

This Sunday at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will be a day that should satisfy just about anyone’s Pokemon needs.  If you like the video game and play in the Mid-Season Showdown, you might match up against the #6 ranked Junior in the World (that’s right, we said the World).  If you follow the Trading Card Game, then surely you want to be one of the 1st to get cards from the newest set, Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder.  If costuming and cosplay is your thing, then come vie for the title of Costume Contest Winner.  That is about as full of a day of pokemon as one can fit into the metropolis of Fincastle!

Before we start, we want to take a quick moment to congratulate those who competed in this past Sunday’s League Challenge.  Thanks to all who came out.  Here’s how it finished up.


  • 1st Place – Noah S
  • 2nd Place – Noah M


  • 1st Place – John H
  • 2nd Place – Georgia H
  • 3rd Place – Isaiah B


  • 1st Place – Matt S
  • 2nd Place – Dan M

This Sunday, 10/21, events begin with the video game Mid-Season Showdown.  Registration is from 12:45pm to 1:15p with the tournament beginning shortly after.  For those unfamiliar, a MSS is a mid-tier level event (similar to League Cups in the TCG).  The Gym is only able to host 2 of these per season, so don’t miss out on the chance to pick up valuable Championship Points.  Speaking of said points, we mentioned above the possibility of playing the #6 ranked Junior in the World.  We would be saying #1, a spot the same player held from the start of this season up until the Memphis Regionals (which she did not attend), but those who did were able to surpass her for the moment.  We’re talking about our league’s own, Anna R, aka “aradtrainer”.  Wherever Anna lands in the rankings, we can say this:  She’s no joke.  If you get to play her, win or lose, we think that you will agree that she definitely is a rad trainer.

VG Mid-Season Showdown
1 PM – Fincastle Library Meeting Room
Sunday, October 21
$5 entry – Sun Series Rules.  Prizes and CP to top 4 finishers in each age group.  Door Prizes.

Following the MSS, we will host the Lost Thunder pre-release.  Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder is the largest card set released to date, with 214 cards plus several “secret rares”.  Lost Thunder will introduce 13 new GX pokemon, plus several new Prism Star cards and a variety of new Trainer cards.  It costs $30 to enter.  For the entry fee, you get the “seed” deck which contains 23 cards and 4 additional booster packs, from which you will construct a 40 card deck.  At the end of the event, everyone gets 2 additional booster packs.  During the tournament, you may win an additional pack for each round you win.  Energy cards are provided by the Gym and you may keep all energy cards you use during the tournament.

Lost Thunder Prerelease
3 PM – Fincastle Library Meeting Room (Costume Contest)

$30 entry – Pre-register online for guaranteed space.

That’s not all for the day.  This Sunday is also our annual Pokemon Halloween Costume Contest.  Yes, it’s a week early, but we always hold it during our pre-release, which gives you a chance for a trial run on your Halloween costume.  Dress up as your favorite Trainer or Pokemon and enter the contest (free entry, or course).  Prior to the start of the 1st round of the pre-release, we will announce our contest winners.  Our plan for prizing is to award a winner from each age group and then a best overall.  The Gym Leaders dress up for fun, but we are not eligible for the contest prizing.  We are getting the hang of the whole cosplay thing from our own Regional events and all of the Cons that Dark Moon Cards and Games attends.  If you put in the work, we will be able to see your efforts.  You may come in any costume you wish, but only Pokemon costumes will be eligible for contest prizes.

If you are shopping for TCG Singles, check out the above link.  Gym Leader Joel just returned from purchasing an over 400-card collection of EX, GX, BREAK and Full Art/Secret Rare Trainer cards.  He picked up some pretty cool and rare stuff, so check it out while its there!

Join us this Sunday for a full day of Pokemon fun.  This is always one of our favorite days of the year, and we hope it will be one of yours.  See you at The Gym!

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