The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is a league sponsored by Play!Pokemon and is a great place to play both the Pokemon trading card game and the video game.   Every week we have free play (play who you want) for the TCG and the video game.   Card trading is allowed at the end of each session from 5p-530pm.  Trades must be approved by the Gym Leaders.

The Gym has four Gym Leaders, all available to challenge for gym badges, but also available to teach new players how to play and develop their own decks and strategies.  The league is free to all players.  Play!Pokemon provides promo cards that may be earned by simply playing games (win or lose).  The Gym also provides free cards to all those who attend.  These cards are matched sets of basic pokemon and evolutions or sets of support pokemon.  All you have to do for these is attend and participate.  The Gym also hosts TCG tournaments from time to time, which have a variety of cool prizes for the winners and something for everyone who enters.  Learn more about our league and its leaders in the links above.  Come see us every Sunday, 3pm-530pm at the Fincastle Library.

Questions?  Email us at:   fincastlepokemon@gmail.com

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