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Lexington and Fincastle Pre-Releases This Weekend!

volcanThe 11th expansion of the XY era is coming and pre-release tournaments begin this weekend.  The new set, XY – Steam Siege, contains 114 new cards, including 4 new EX pokemon, 2 new Mega Evolutions, 7 new BREAK pokemon and 8 dual-type pokemon.  Dual-typing for the pokemon characters is a mechanic that has not been seen since the days of Crystal Guardians and Delta Species. We also know that the long-awaited full-art “Professor Sycamore” is included in the new set.  The Fincastle Gym is hosting 2 events this weekend.  The 1st event is this Saturday, 7/23/16, in Lexington, Va.  The 2nd event takes place on Sunday in Fincastle.  Here’s more details on both. Continue reading

Pokemon Announces 2016 Rotation – Primal Clash-On!

Ahhh… another year, another rotation.  The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is proud to be THE place to outline the annual rotation and help walk you through its immediate impact on the Pokemon TCG.  Play!Pokemon just announced the Standard Format for the 2016-2017 season will be Primal Clash-on.  Consequently, the following sets will be rotated out of the Standard Format:  X&Y base set, Flashfire, Furious Fists and Phantom Forces.  As for as the promo cards go, black star promo cards will rotate to XY36 and higher numbered cards.  Cards released in the 2 XY Trainer Kit sets (Latias/Latios Continue reading

Gym Leader Georgia Claims 11th Place At Nationals!

DSCN6516We’re working on a nickname… something that fits nicely with someone who continually breaks new grounds… maybe something do with earthquakes… I dunno, the “Quaker” sounds too 1600’s.  Like we said, we’re working on it.  Whatever it ends up being, it will be a name that Gym Leader Georgia has earned… and then some.  Not only is she the first player from the Fincastle Pokemon Gym to earn World Championship invitations to both the TCG and VG competitions, Georgia now holds the claim of earning the highest finish at the National Championships by a player from the Gym.  Georgia battled her way out of a deep hole, twice, this weekend and narrowly missed the Top 8 finals (which were locked quickly as all 8 players used “intentional draws” over the last 2 rounds to get in).  For her efforts, Georgia picks up another 100 Championship Points, $1000 more in prize money and 2 booster boxes of cards.  Not a bad weekend’s work. Continue reading

New Friends League Challenge Today (5/29)

Pokemon_SunMoon_StartersIn the spirit of anticipation for a new Video Game (new region and new starters), the Fincastle Pokemon Gym is proud to host the “New Friends” League Challenge in Fincastle this Sunday.  As the TCG and VG National Championships and World Championships both draw near, there are still a few chances to test out ideas and pick up a few Championship Points between now and then.  Here are the details: Continue reading

Worlds Collide League Challenge This Sunday, 5/8/16!

momWe’re not sure which 2 worlds are colliding, but either way, apparently it’s happening in Fincastle this Sunday.  As the National Championships and World Championships both draw near, there are still a few chances to test out ideas and pick up a few Championship Points between now and then.  The 1st of the 3 challenges in Fincastle will take place Sunday at the Gym (also known as the Fincastle Library).  Here are the details: Continue reading

Fincastle Fates Collide Prerelease This Sunday 4/24/16!

zygarde We’re preparing for a big weekend here at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  Fates Collide (our 12th Prerelease in Fincastle) will bring with it lots of “first’s”:

The first time we see a new format for Prerelease events.

…In the old days, players would come to a prerelease, get a promo card that you can’t play in the tournament, get 6 new booster packs and open them.  They usually get a mix of really cool Stage 1 and 2 Pokemon (but not the corresponding basics) and would build a deck that is difficult to play, often losing to the player that built that “1 EX + 39 energy” deck because they didn’t have any trainers or effective Pokemon.

…Now, players will get a “seed deck” of 22 cards (some of which may be reprints) that will include things like trainers and supporters you might need, full evolution lines of Pokemon, and 1 of 4 promos – which you can actually use in the event.  Plus, everyone will get 4 additional booster packs to open.

The first time that performance in a Prerelease can win you more prizes!*

…In the old days, everyone got 2 packs when they finished the event.

…Now, everyone will still get 2 packs when they finish.  However, now, starting in Round 2, you will also get an additional booster pack for each game you win!  So players who build and play well could get up to 4 (or even 5) booster packs at the end of the event.  And of course, at the end of the day, you take everything, including your energy home with you.

The first time to see Zygarde – and its forms in print.  We’ve seen the green and black “slug-like” pokemon starting in the 2013 release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on the video game, but we haven’t had a chance to “play” it yet.  We spponalso get our first chance (since we started playing in Platinum: Arceus days) to see Alakazam and his amazing spoons!  (Even though children in The Matrix will remind us “there is no spoon” – we hope the event will be a truly mind-bending experience.)

The first time we see you?  Plan to join us (and bring some friends, family, foreign dignitaries or fashion designers) on Sunday April 24th for this fun event.  Registration is available now online at  You may also register in person at the Fincastle Library Meeting Room on Sunday between 1 and 1:30 PM.  Event entry is $30 and payable by credit card or PayPal online and cash or credit in person.

Where will your Fate lead you (hopefully not into a collision)?  See you at the Gym!

2016 TCG States Come To A Close

raceAs the TCG State Championship series wraps up this weekend, so does a very impressive run from the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s best.  Gym Leader Georgia entered the series with her World Championship invitation already in hand, so for her, the State Championships were a chance to test out some different ideas.  Gym Leader Logan, on the other hand, entered the series looking to secure an invitation to Worlds, a concept that he was not even on his radar as he began this season.  As they frequently do (a fact that we sometimes take for granted), both Georgia and Logan went above and beyond. Continue reading

North Carolina TCG States & VG Midseason Showdown This Weekend!

statesThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is off to another busy weekend.  This Saturday, 4/2/16, Gym Leader Marthe is running the North Carolina State TCG Championships in Mooresville, NC, followed by the VG Midseason Showdown on Sunday, 4/3/16, at the same location.  There will be side-events that will be announced on location.  In addition to the TCG and VG events, the Gym will be manning the vendor showdownlocation for Dark Moon Cards & Games.  This is our 1st venture in on-site sales, so come by and check us out.  We have both card singles and booster packs for sale.  We have TCG gaming supplies, promotional items, Pokemon plushes, buttons and pins.  We will also have a limited buy list available, with an emphasis on limited, as this is our 1st attempt and don’t want to get in over our heads.

Check out our “Upcoming Events” tab for details on both events or follow us on Facebook.  Of course, with all that going on, we unfortunately will not have our league meeting this Sunday in Fincastle.  We will, however, be back next Sunday, 4/13, at our regular time.  If you can’t wait until then, then come join us this weekend in Mooresville.  If we don’t see you this weekend, then we’ll see you next time at the Gym

Gym Leaders Race Through Maryland States!

gojacksBeing from ACC country, we at the Gym always think of Maryland as the Terrapin state.  However, thanks to a quick internet search, we’re not so sure.  Is their state animal a blue crab?  We’re not really sure, but we do know that there is not a lot of writing material that comes to mind when we think about blue crabs.  They are tasty, though.  Anyway, while our blood runs Wahoo orange & blue, thanks to Gym Leader Logan’s love of the obscure, we love to cheer on the SDSU Jackrabbits.  Why South Dakota State?  Well, what mascot anywhere is cooler than the Jackrabbits?  The Jacks opened Friday afternoon in the NCAA tourney with the worst half of basketball that they’ve played all year against none other than the Maryland Terrapins.  Despite the bad start, they overcame an 18 point deficit in a matter of minutes, closing to within 2 in the last minute of the game, only to miss a last second chance to tie.  Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia had vengeance on their minds as they traveled to Maryland the following day for the Maryland State TCG Championships.  Avenge the Jacks they did, in impressive fashion, if we do say so ourselves. Continue reading

Gym Leaders Shine at Florida Regionals!

sunThe Expanded Format does not rank very high on Gym Leader Joel’s list of favorites.  The ever increasing card base in Expanded seems to lead to contests of who can make their opponent accomplish the least, rather than who can out-hit who.  For that matter, Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia are not crazy about it either, but for some reason it seems to suit them.  Logan and Georgia traveled to the Florida Regional to give it another go and both players had great weekends.  The only drawback of the weekend was that Georgia’s success on Saturday prevented her from entering the VG field on Sunday, which again was a problem of excess, which are problems we can live with.  However, her VG team was much stronger than the one she made top 8 with at Virginia, so we were disappointed that she did not get a shot at the field. Continue reading