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Dewford Gym League Challenge Sunday – 5/31

Pokemon-ORAS-Dewford-Gym-5The Fincastle Gym Leaders are excited to host the next in our series of League Challenges this Sunday at the Fincastle library.  The Dewford Gym League Challenge (while a little behind schedule) is part of the official 2014-2015 Pokemon League cycle.  We hope to continue to have these a bit more regularly (about every month or month and a half) through the rest of the year.  Following this Sunday’s event,  the Gym will host another League Challenge, currently scheduled for Sunday, June 21.  These small tournaments are great chances to test out ideas as this summer’s National Championships and World Championships approach.  Here are this Sunday’s details. Continue reading

5/17 VG Results and Congratulations x2!

yakTo say that the Fincastle Gym was a little busy on Sunday is kinda like saying that a yak is a little fuzzy.  We opened the day early with a VG Premier Challenge that drew in players from as far away as West Virginia and Lexington.  We had 20 video game players in at the tournament, followed by a full house at league.  Over the course of league time, we fielded 6 Gym Leader Challenges, 4 VG and 2 TCG.  Two trainers walked away with badges when it was all said and done.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  Let’s look at the video game results first. Continue reading

VG Premier Tournament Sunday 5/17 at 1 PM!

leedaThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is hosting a Video Game Premier Tournament on Sunday (May 17th).  Registration will be from 1 – 1:30 PM.  Entry to the tournament is $5.  Play will begin shortly after registration closes and will be a “swiss” tournament (meaning you’re not out if you lose a match).  The number of rounds and top cut will be determined by attendance.  We will hold league at our normal time.  If the tournament is still going on, feel free to find someone to battle.  The Gym Leaders will be available to help you or battle once the VG event is done.  Here are a few reminders of VG rules and pokemon that can/can’t be used. Continue reading

Roaring Skies over Fincastle

 x75-rayquaza-ex.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eI4oNLvNM8XY-Roaring Skies, the next set in the XY series, is coming this weekend.  Dragon lovers will want to be sure to load up on all new EX and Mega-EX Dragon-type pokemon!  Roaring Skies brings Rayquaza-EX (and its Mega Evolution) in multiple forms (one Colorless and one Dragon-type).  Other EX Pokemon in the set should include Shaymin, Thunderus, and Latios. This set is the second of the XY series to include the new “half-art” style, where the main pokemon image spills out of its usual box and into the area where Abilities and Attacks begin.  In addition to the “full-art” cards, where the image takes up the whole card, these “half-art” cards create a new artistic category for collectors and players alike.  Continue reading

Fincastle Gym Video Game Tournament Results

G-chorusVG 018The Gym has been quite busy over the last few weeks.  From Thanksgiving until now, we have hosted the majority of our TCG City Championship tournaments, with strong attendance at each event.  We were hoping to keep that going as this weekend’s VG event at the Gym drew near.  Sunday did not disappoint, as we had 22 players for the Premier VG tournament at the Gym.  We had players from Christiansburg, VA Beach and North Carolina join our batch of regulars, making the event fun but very competitive.  The day did not end there, as the Gym Leaders took on a pair of challenges for gym badges during league time following the tournament.  A very busy day at the Gym indeed, but that is how we like it.  Let’s look at what went down. Continue reading

No League Sunday 12/7 – VG Premier event 12/14

The Gym Leaders will be out of town this weekend, so no league at the Fincastle Library on Sunday, 12/7.  Don’t neglect your Pokemon training, though – we’ll be back Sunday 12/14, ready for our first Video Game Premier Challenge.

Pokemon WorkoutCheck in for players is from 12:30 – 1 PM.

Online Registration: There is a $5 entry fee for all players, to cover the cost of prizes.

Players need to bring a completed Team List to the tournament for check in.   Blank forms will be available at the tournament.

Quick rules overview. (For complete rules, please click here.)

  • Tournament uses the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games only.
  • Pokemon must have a blue pentagon in their summary screen.
  • Pokemon must be from the Kalos Pokedex (MewTwo, Diance, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zyguarde are not eligible)
  • No two Pokemon can be the same species.
  • No two Pokemon can hold the same item.

Regular league play will continue after the video game tournament.

City Championship and Premier VG Dates Set!

1782126_10203615823130332_6469858072838378211_nAs you all know, Gym Leader Marthe, in addition to being one of the Fincastle Gym Leaders, is also the Premier Tournament Organizer for western Virginia and North Carolina.  Running an event may seem difficult and a little chaotic at times.  However, the most arduous tasks that Gym Leader Marthe takes on is the scheduling of events and the securing of locations to hold events.  This winter is the City Championship season, which includes several Premier VG events (a new addition from Play!Pokemon).  Marthe just received confirmation on her last event, so all dates and locations are final.  Full details, addresses, etc, are posted in the “Upcoming Event Details” tab at the top of the page.  Here’s a look at everything coming soon. Continue reading

More Phantom Forces Fun

Over 30 trainers attended the Phantom Forces Prerelease at the Fincastle Library on Sunday, November 2.  Well, maybe we should say over 30 Pokemon and trainers – since we had several of those show up as well!  Our first Pokemon Halloween Costume Contest was a huge success – and so much fun, too!  Take a look at who showed up at the Gym. Continue reading

Trick AND Treat and another Trick


Don’t forget there are two more Phantom Forces Prereleases this weekend.  Saturday 11/1 at Gaming Underground in High Point, NC and Sunday 11/2 at the Fincastle Library Meeting Room.  See details here.   Plus, the time changes (Fall Back) on Saturday night, so be sure to change you clock before bed so you aren’t late to the Fincastle Event. Continue reading

Belated Philadelphia Regionals Results

1016377_10203615504282361_3896094658622883013_nIt seems like a while ago now…. because it actually is.  Over the weekend of October 4-5th, the Fincastle Gym Leaders took their show on the road to Philly for the 1st Regional TCG and VG tournament of the 2015-2015 season.  Gym Leader Marthe served on the staff, in charge of deck-checks for both days of the TCG event, no small task as their were over 500 competitors (507 to be exact).  On that subject, this is how the TCG event broke down by division.  There were 348 Masters, who played 9 rounds on day 1, with the top 32 returning on day 2 for more and then a top cut.  There were 107 Senior competitors, who played 7 rounds and cut to a top 8.  There were 52 Juniors, who played 6 rounds, also cutting to a top 8.  A dreadfully long day for all involved, but seems to be as good as it will get for a while, as Play!Pokemon seems to be content with the best 2 of 3, 50 minute, egregious # of rounds, format.  Gym Leaders Georgia, Logan and Joel all dove in head-first (one in each division).  They were joined by the Gym’s top trainer, Hunter H, who also entered the Seniors competition. Continue reading