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How to join the Gym and what you need to play.

Opening A Case Of Cosmic Eclipse Booster Packs!

Check out our latest videos of opening the brand new Cosmic Eclipse set.  The set goes on sale tomorrow, 11/1/19.  Dark Moon Cards and Games will have everything from the videos and more with them this weekend at Nekocon.  What we bring home will by available online beginning Monday, 11/4/19.  Check it out, some very beautiful cards in this set:

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 1

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 2

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 3

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 4

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 5

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 6

We will have league at our normal time this Sunday, 11/3/19.  See you at the Gym!

The Gym Goes To YouTube!

The Fincastle Gym and Dark Moon Cards & Games are thrilled to announce the launch of our YouTube channel!  This has been something that Gym Leader Joel has wanted to do for quite some time, but just did not have the time and more importantly, the understanding to do.  You know what it’s like trying to explain to your parent/grandparent how to use their first smart phone?  Well, it probably wasn’t that bad, but it is in the same ballpark.  And in no way, shape or form have we fully figured it out.  For right now, we have a camera, a channel and some editing software, and we’re fine with that for now.  What we’ve noticed over the last several years here is that the migration of the world to the smart phone has decreased the desire and ability of people to absorb long written articles, like the ones that we have focused on since 2012.  As times change, so must we.

Before we go any further, here is the link to the channel:

Dark Moon Cards & Games – YouTube

Our plan is for the channel to provide a mix of media for our leagues (both in Fincastle & Lexington) and to share with you many of the products available in our store (Dark Moon Cards & Games), as well as products only available at conventions we attend.  Unfortunately, the launch has been more Wright Brothers than Space X… we planned to launch the site with several videos at once, not knowing that thanks to SW Virginia internet speeds, it would take 3 days to upload 6 videos.  At any rate, our first wave of material includes product reviews of the Porygon Z GX box and the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Kit and the accompanying opening of those items.

We will try and capture at least the finals of our League Cup this Sunday, October 6, and bring you that content as well.  At future league meetings, we will try to pick up some games, or a featured match on days that time and attendance allow.  We have no intention of becoming a deck analysis site, as one more lamb bleating on a mountain already full of sheep won’t offer you anything but more sheep breath.  If we play something fun or come up with something different, we may share it on the channel.

The majority of future posts here will simply be to alert you to new content on the channel.  So, please check back here as often as you like.  To help us continue our long running league and business, we’d also like to ask that you “Like” as many videos you’d like (that’s like a lot of likes) and “Subscribe” to our channel.  We will work to improve our content and video quality as we gain some much needed experience.  We’re always open to ideas, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions.  Head over to our channel when you get a chance.  Until next time, see you at the Gym!

Pokemon Announces 2013 Rotation – Next Destinies-On!

The Pokemon Trading Card Season traditionally runs from World Championships to World Championships.  They have altered that slightly, beginning the new season both this and last year in July so that you can start building PLAY! Points earlier through league play.  This was done because of the new PLAY! Point requirement for entry into the National Championships, a response to the “free t-shirt mob” that threw the 2011 Nationals into chaos (a large group entered for the free shirt and then dropped/didn’t show for round 1).  At any rate, the close of each season also usually brings with it a rotation of card sets (usually around 3 sets) to make room for new sets coming in the next year and attempt to shake up the format a little by removing cards that have become staples in many decks.  For the 2013-14 season, the Modified Format will be Next Destinies-on (NXD-on).  This rotation will officially take place on 8/28/13. Continue reading

A Brief History

The Fincastle Gym Leaders started playing Pokemon when Logan got a starter deck for his birthday 2 years ago.  After opening it and looking at all the cool stuff inside, we soon realized we needed another starter deck to be able to do anything.  So after another trip to Toys R Us, Logan and I (Joel) faced off, as Marthe stood by with a rule book in hand, reading it to us like stereo instructions as we took our turns. About an hour and half later, we completed our first Pokemon match.  From there, Logan began to collect and we sought out places to play (which are few and far between).  We traveled to a tournament in Winston Salem where we all got destroyed.  Since then we’ve all started playing and improving and have become competitive on the state, regional and national levels.  However, we wanted somewhere to play that was a little closer than Winston Salem or Charlottesville.

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym originally was set up to be an instructional league.  We had trainers bring unmodified starter decks to a three week (3 Sundays) training session.  Our goal was 8 players, we started with 9.  The sessions started with formal classroom-style instruction about the “anatomy” of specific cards, rules and game mechanics.  It culminated in a tournament among the class members.  The plan was to host more training sessions in the same manner over the weeks that followed.  I guess this is where the quote about “the best laid plans of mice and men” should go.  Little did we realize how difficult it would be for us to manage the active league and try to conduct another session.

Through our children, we learned about the Gym Leader concept from the video game and cartoon.  This was what we wanted to center league play around.  In addition to league rewards, we thought it would heighten interest and drive the more competitive trainers to improve their decks if there was less attainable reward offered.  We did this in the form of a league badge which could be won by defeating one of the Gym Leaders.  League badges were part of the 2009 league rewards, which was before we got started playing Pokemon.  We’ve tracked down a few sets of badges on EBAY, but the supply is thin.  We are currently working on a replacement idea for when the badges run out.

Pokemon supplies our league with promo cards, patches, posters and the player cards used to track the number of games played by each trainer.  Mary, a friend of The Gym, very graciously made us business cards, a vehicle magnet and league posters which have been great for getting our website and email out there and have resulted in some great contacts for the Gym.  Most of the other “extras” at league are supplied by Georgia and Logan.  They have had great success in larger regional tournaments and events and have been very unselfish with their winnings.  They pick a few select items and cards out for themselves, but forward most of the items into our “stash” for the league.

We have been amazed at the attendance to date.  Weekly league play typically consists of over 20 trainers.  We’ve hosted two open tournaments, both with attendance over 20 trainers.  We have 50 people signed up currently in the Gym.  If everyone who has attended a league day since the beginning all showed up at once, we’d have over 60 people!  Needless to say, we’re beyond the ability to conduct the instructional sessions with just the two of us, but with the help of Logan and many of our league regulars, we still can help new players with some one-on-one instruction.  Everyone at the league is great at helping teach while playing.

I did say “brief” history, so that’s where we are today a little about how we got to this point.  Everyone who comes to the Gym, keep bringing new players.  Anyone who is interested, come check it out.  We have decks to share if you are curious about the game.  If you’re interested in helping in anyway, come by.  Marthe and I do not mind admitting that we need all the help we can get!  See you there!

What you’ll need to play

Pokemon Theme Deck

Bring a Pokemon starter deck and your card collection to your first meeting.  Starter decks can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target or similar stores and include a complete 60-card deck of Pokemon Trading Cards. Included in your Starter Deck will be 60 cards, a play mat, instruction book, Pokemon coin and game markers. Most importantly, they include energy cards, which are necessary to play the game.  In order to participate in official League Play, your cards will need to be one of the series listed below:

The Modified format for the 2013-14 season will consist of the following expansions:

Black & White—Next DestiniesBlack & White—Next Destinies

Black & White—Dark ExplorersBlack & White—Dark Explorers

Black & White—Dragons ExaltedBlack & White—Dragons Exalted

Black & White—Boundaries CrossedBlack & White—Boundaries Crossed

Black & White—Plasma StormBlack & White—Plasma Storm

Black & White—Plasma FreezeBlack & White—Plasma Freeze

Black & White—Plasma BlastBlack & White—Plasma Blast

Black & White—Dragon VaultBlack & White—Dragon Vault

Black Star Promo cardsBlack Star Promo Cards BW33 and higher.

Black Star Promo cardsMcDonald’s Collection

*also, any new sets released later this year/season


Read the back of your starter deck carefully – there is a full list of all the cards included. Make sure to pick a deck that includes Pokemon that you like since this will probably be your main deck for a while. (World Championship Decks are not the same as Starter Decks and are not allowed in League Play.)  Do not buy booster packs from dollar stores or flea markets as most of those cards are fakes and also not legal for play.

There is no entry fee or cost to join the league.  Older cards (those not in the series above) will not be used in Gym play, but are great for trading and practicing to make new decks. Exceptions to this rule are cards that have been reprinted in the new series above (like Rare Candy, Double Colorless Energy and Professor Juniper, to name a few.)