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Awards you get for league participation.

Promos and Prizes Available at the Gym

Since the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s beginning, we have accumulated quite a long list of promo cards from Play!Pokemon.  Each new season brings 2 new promo cards, usually a combination of a Pokemon and either a trainer card or energy card.  So far, it has been a pretty good mix of cards that are very useful to those that play competitively and cards that are just cool to collect.  Because of the sheer numbers available at the time of release, the cards may not be the most valuable cards in circulation.  However, as time passes, some of these cards may become very valuable as collector items or cards that are reprinted in later sets.  The Gym Leaders make every effort to keep trainers at the Gym supplied with cards that are playable for the current Modified Format.  With that in mind, we have rotated out league promo cards that will be lost in the coming rotation by Play!Pokemon to the Black & White-on format.  We have not updated the list of promos for a while.  So, here is what is currently available at the Gym. Continue reading

Birthday gifts at the Gym

The Fincastle Pokemon League is offering another fun way to earn League prizes.  Any players who have had a birthday in the past week will get double marks on their League scorecard for that day.

Just another way to say “Happy Birthday to You!” – and many more!

Each Season brings chances for Prizes

Any player with a POP ID can get their own season scorecard to track league play. Each game played earns you a mark on your card. When a player gets 6 marks, he/she can chose a prize card exclusive to league play. Each season brings new cards to chose from. You can also chose cards from past seasons while those supplies last. Any player who fills up a card earns a booster pack from Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Games played on the last session of a season earn players double marks on their scorecard. Card game marks do not carry over from season to season.

On the first Sunday of each month players also may bring their Nintendo DS and participate in DS Pokemon battles for league credit. Nintendo DS skins are now available as league prizes. DS battle credits will carry over from season to season. Fill up the DS side of the scorecard and win a skin.