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3 Product Reviews For Holiday Shopping

Now that Christmas season is officially here (if you survived Black Friday weekend), its time to get serious with your shopping.  Here are reviews of the 3 of the latest boxed collections from Pokemon (2 pretty good products, one… not so much).  We hope these will help you with your shopping decisions!

Hidden Fates Ultra Premium Collection

Tag Team Generations Premium Collection

Pikachu GX/Eevee GX Special Collection

Be sure to check our site for singles from these collections.

“Force Your Parents To Play” Month Is Back!

battle dadThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is well into its 3rd year of existence.  In that time, we at the Gym have brought many new ideas that go beyond what you can find at most Pokemon leagues across the country.  Some, like the Gym Leader Challenges, are available all of the time, while others are on special occasions or yearly traditions.  Our favorite tradition is “Force Your Parents To Play” month at the Gym.  The most non-traditional part of this event is that we have altered the time of year each time we’ve done it.  Our first try was during the summer months.  We’ve also tried over the Christmas holiday season.  This year we will start “Parents” month to coincide with the start of the new TCG season with the hopes of bringing in a few parents at a time where they can see an entire season from start to finish.  We also plan to extend the event.  So, with all that being said, September and October are both “Parents” months at the Gym. Continue reading

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

onlineThe Pokemon Company has been developing an online version of the TCG for the last 2 years.  Early versions of it allowed some limited play with starter-type decks.  As you battled computer opponents, slightly better cards would be unlocked to add to your deck (whether you wanted them or not, if I remember correctly).  While the idea was cool to play around Continue reading