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Openings, Openings & Openings, 3 Japanese Booster Boxes!

Thanks to a crazy few days leading up to Christmas, and no high-speed internet (10 hour+ upload times), we didn’t get these out as quickly as we would’ve like.  Alas, we got them up just in time for Christmas!  Check them out, a Japanese booster box of Dream League, then Sword and finally, Shield.  Check back soon for new products from Japan, some matches from our most recent League Challenge and maybe 1 or 2 from the Dark Moon Lair.

Dream League



See you at the Gym!  Merry Christmas!

Prizes for 2/25/12 Gym Tournament

This Saturday, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym will host a “pre-States” warm-up tournament at the library.  We have delayed posting the prizes because we were waiting on packs we won at City Championships to arrive in the mail.  They are finally here (whew!).  Without further ado, the prizes available for the event are as follows: Continue reading