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The Bargain Bin #2 – Plucky Duck

Today we are going to look at our 2nd budget deck of our “Bargain Bin” series.  As we pointed out last time, when new cards are released, some deck combos are strikingly obvious to experienced TCG players.  These instant decks (just add water) are usually the 1st to flood the flooded arena of “pay to keep reading” duk9websites and the more accessible YouTube channels, as they both are always digging for content for their readers and viewers.  “Instant decks” are often those that receive a lot of hype when a set is released, usually bound to fade away into the shadows of the deck establishment.  Today’s deck is one of those “instant decks”.  However, this is one that we would caution you to not write off too quickly.  We’ve tested this one and we like it a lot.  And, to beat the band, it just happens to fall nicely into our budget category. Continue reading


Welcome To “Ian’s Insanity” – A Look At The Creepy Persian

DSCN6365 - CopyOur 2nd deck that we are going to look at this winter is a break from our Mega-themed series that Gym Leader Joel is working on.  Under other circumstances, we would have shelved this one to look at later.  There are a couple of reasons that we just could not do that.  One is that this is the 1st submission from one of our trainers at the Gym.  In our years of existence, we have had quite the interesting mix of original creations from our trainers.  Some are good attempts at an idea that is just too hard to pull off.  Some have surprised us at how well they work.  At any rate, we have not featured any of those decks here… mainly because we never thought of doing so.  This brings us to the 2nd reason we are deviating from our Mega articles… this submission was just too cool not to share. Continue reading

Gym Leader Challenges – Marching On Towards #400

joltikThe Fincastle Gym’s Gym Leader Challenge has become the unique mainstay of our league.  Originally designed as a tool for our younger trainers (which originally made up 100% of our league) to demonstrate quality single-type decks and how to take advantage of weakness, the challenge has evolved into a much wider ranging entity.  We now offer custom badges for anyone who defeats one of us.  We developed a “Final Four” challenge, similar to the “Elite Four” from the video game that presents decks that focus on different styles of decks (Speed, Power, Defense and Skill), with some pretty healthy prizes awaiting anyone who can defeat all 4 in a row.  We also know that for new or younger players, beating any of the decks is difficult, as we strive to make these decks consistent and as strong as the card-base will allow for that type.  Continue reading

Georgia’s 2014 Worlds Deck – Fall Out Girl

fall out girlWhat to play… Genesect… Pyroar… Yveltal… Plasma…..  What do you do?  What do you choose?  When you are just playing Pokemon with friends, or at league, or at a local tournament, it’s not that big of a deal.  You play whatever version of one of these decks you have.  You win some games, you lose some games.  You have fun with the wins, you write off the losses by exclaiming what was prized, or how you did not draw anything.  If you want to see those questions above gain a little weight, imagine thinking about them in the context of preparing for the World Championships.  You look at what is popular and what has won at major tournaments.  You look at counters to all of the same decks.  You look at everything that you have played in the last season (and beyond).  You have one chance to get it right.  This is a process that we at the Gym have gone through 3 times now and, well, it ain’t easy.  Tempers flare, arguments break out and tears are shed.  That’s all part of preparing for an event like the World Championships.  We wouldn’t trade it for anything. Continue reading

2014 Nationals Deck – Phan-tastic Villain

weasel3As we mentioned in our last post, Gym Leaders Joel and Georgia paired up to play identical decks in the masters division and junior division at this year’s National Championships.  We entered the event pressure-free, as Georgia had already earned her invitation to the World Championships and Joel, well, he’s pretty much pressure-free all the time, barring any Taco Bell being consumed before the event.  So, given those circumstances, why play any of the “must-plays” when you can go rogue and just have fun?  That’s what we did.  However, don’t let the rogue/fun label fool you, as the decks we delivered were very powerful hitters, which took down several top-tier decks over the weekend.  The deck is probably best described as “finicky”, meaning it can present you with some strange choices to make in the course of a match and is prone to misplays.  Once you learn the tricks and realize that it has many “outs” from bad starts or bad hands, it is a very fast deck to play and one of the most fun plays in our arsenal. Before we go into the deck, here’s a little history on what we came up with. Continue reading