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Operation Eddie Part 2 – Ramses

Today we are going to look at the 2nd deck that spawned from the mind of Eddie R.  As Gym Leader Joel rolled around some ideas for this article, he tried to think of some different options.  Whether it falls into the “fortunately” or “unfortunately” category is for you to decide, but Joel’s mind could not escape this line of thinking.  The combination of Eddie’s last name and the set of new comedy material Eddie brought to league a few weeks ago led Joel to the movie villain, Ramses, from “Nacho Libre”.  While he may not be remembering the details of Eddie’s story exactly, this is pretty close.  The story gave Joel no eagle powers or nutrients, but it has had him laughing since he heard it. Continue reading

The Bargain Bin #3 – Furious George

The Fincastle Gym is back with another look at an interesting budget-friendly deck.  Much like the Golduck deck featured here, today’s deck is an iteration of a deck that many players were “hyping” when Sun & Moon was still in the pre-release stage.  Much like Golduck, a quick internet search reveals several similar lists for today’s deck.  While we view those lists as handy guides, we never borrow a list without testing it.  And more often than not, when we test a list, we find other ways that we prefer to play it.  The Gym leaders like our decklists to be as smooth and streamlined as possible.  We think that you will find what we’ve done to this deck is an improvement over the lists we’ve seen floating around.  Our gym leaders believe that the structure of today’s deck will open up some options to other variations (which should make a little more sense later in this article). Continue reading

2017 Spotlight On Mega Love #2: Agnes Gru

This week we are returning to our Mega-love feature, which we have to admit was not intentional, but does fall nicely into place in terms of timing as Valentine’s Day approaches.  If you are like us, you are surely being bombarded by advertisements with all sorts of “loving” ideas that you can order with a convenient app and have delivered to your beloved, without taking away valuable moments of your iPhone duties.  In the last few days, we’ve seen everything from comfy jammies to giant bears, gourmet dipped strawberries to Zyppahs (because fluff1nothing says “I love you” like a device that says, “Shut up & quit snoring!”), to roses made out of beef jerky.  Mmmmm, beef jerky roses…..  Sorry, lost our train of thought for a minute.  Traditionally, Gym Leader Joel has been a lover of the stuffed animal.  Stuffed animals don’t wilt, can’t make you gain weight, always fit and generally do not offend (although in this day & age, I’m sure some little snowflake somewhere has taken issue w/a little puppy holding a heart that says, “I Wuv You”).  We hope that when you look at the featured pokemon today, like any good stuffed animal, you will exclaim, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” Continue reading

Spring ’16 Spotlight #4 – Liberace (aka: No Boundaries)

liberaceIn today’s spotlight, we return to a play style and a pokemon that has always held a place as one of our favorites since its introduction in Noble Victories in 2011.  The play style is the “spread” attack and the pokemon is the mighty Kyurem.  Kyurem is the “Boundary Pokemon”.  While we believe the intent behind this name is based on thermodynamics and balancing heat and electricity in a vacuum (not a Hoover), that is a discussion beyond Gym Leader Joel’s pay-grade.  For our purposes, Kyurem is a pokemon with no boundaries, being able to shift from Ice to Fire to Lightning to Dragon, maintaining a high level of awesomeness in whatever form it takes.  Those without boundaries are often labelled as “narcissists”, which are self-centered individuals whose power/beauty/fame/station lead to an overblown sense of their own importance, whether justified or not. Continue reading

Online Deck #3 – Nepeta (aka Catnip)

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym is winding down this week as we make some final preparations to head out to the Pokemon National Championships in Indianapolis.  We are testing decks for everyone, as Gym Leaders Joel, Logan and Georgia will all play in the main draw.  Gym Leader Marthe is putting the finishing touches on her deck for the Professor Cup.  Before we get out of town, we want to wrap up our look at some of our online decks.  We have 2 more to share with you which we picked because of their records.  Both decks were thrown together by Gym Leader Joel as something different to play.  Much to our surprise, they do well and have beaten several of the “format” decks with regularity.  Even the losses have been by very narrow margins.  Today we’ll look at “Nepeta”. Continue reading

A Look At The Format – Part 5 – Tornadus EX/Ho-Oh EX

texToday will wrap up our overview of what we have seen as the top decks of the format up until now.  So far, we’ve looked at Blastoise/Keldeo, Eels, Darkrai/Hydregion, Klinklang/EX, and Darkrai variants.  The list posted in the Darkrai article was a list designed to counter most of the other decks.  The last list that we will look at is similar in its mission.  Tornadus/Ho-Oh is a good counter deck that thrives on setting up an attacker quickly.  As with most of these decks, there are multiple ways to build the deck.  This deck continues to shift its make-up as other cards come out (mainly Keldeo).  Lets take a look. Continue reading