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10/6/19 League Cup Match – Noah S vs John H

Remember Napster?  If you were born after 2000, then you surely don’t.  Nowadays, you can go to Amazon, purchase a song and download it in about 20 seconds, if it takes that long.  At the turn of the last century (makes it sound like a very long time ago), you went to Napster, chose the song you wanted to illegally download, then watched and waited for 2.5, maybe 3 hours or more while your 3 minute song downloaded over your dial-up connection.  It was painful.  And what does have to do with this match?  Well, thanks to where we live, the forgotten part of our county on the forgotten side of the state of Virginia, uploading a video to YouTube takes me back to the days of Napster.  We have three matches from Sunday.  We started uploading this one last night at about 10pm.  It finished this morning a little after 7am.  I think our connection to the internet involves some fishing line, a few cans and some Bisquick.

With that being said, here is the first match from Round 3 where one of our junior competitors, Noah S, faced senior, John H.  Both were among our 6 players that qualified for Worlds in August.  More videos are on the way… very slowly.  Enjoy.

Noah vs John – Round 3 – Fincastle League Cup 10/6/19

VG Premier Challenge This Sunday, 11/27/16!

Okay, so last Sunday did not go as planned.  We hope that everyone received the notice of league cancellation in time.  That’s the biggest drawback of our league location is that we are required to pick up a key every Saturday and return it on Sunday after league.  In instances like last weekend, we got caught up and could keynot get to the library in time to get the key… and no key means no league.  We apologize to any who did not see Facebook or league emails in time.  On the positive side, all of the Gym Leaders were able to visit the Lexington league on Monday and spend time playing with its trainers.  We are pleased to see the large group of very promising Juniors in attendance in Lexington, and we hope extend the “Generals” program to the fledgling league soon.  At any rate, we are back on track for this Sunday and will have league and a VG Premier Challenge at our regular league time. Continue reading

“Force Your Parents To Play” Month Is Back!

battle dadThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is well into its 3rd year of existence.  In that time, we at the Gym have brought many new ideas that go beyond what you can find at most Pokemon leagues across the country.  Some, like the Gym Leader Challenges, are available all of the time, while others are on special occasions or yearly traditions.  Our favorite tradition is “Force Your Parents To Play” month at the Gym.  The most non-traditional part of this event is that we have altered the time of year each time we’ve done it.  Our first try was during the summer months.  We’ve also tried over the Christmas holiday season.  This year we will start “Parents” month to coincide with the start of the new TCG season with the hopes of bringing in a few parents at a time where they can see an entire season from start to finish.  We also plan to extend the event.  So, with all that being said, September and October are both “Parents” months at the Gym. Continue reading

Pre-Release Sells Out, New Season Is Here!

newThe month of August is traditionally a very busy month in the Pokemon community.  This August has been busy for the Gym in a whole new way.  For the last 2 years, our focus has been on helping Gym Leader Logan prepare for the World Championships.  With our closest contender, Gym Leader Georgia missing an invite this year by less than 60 Championship Points,  we did not have to scramble to make travel/work arrangements this year.  However, we have been doing plenty of scrambling as Continue reading

Congratulations Jacob V, v1.0!

This has been a pretty crazy spring for the Fincastle Pokemon Gym Leaders.  If anyone ever wonders if it is possible to get involved in too many activities at the same time…. well, that’s a big ol’ “yes”.  We unfortunately had to either cancel league or leave it in someone else’s hands several times over the last few weeks as we wrapped up sports seasons and spring dance.  Thankfully, we were able to all be back for one more meeting before heading out to the National Championships in Indianapolis.  While Gym Leaders Joel, Georgia and Logan were taking the week off from challenges so that they could test decks for Nationals, Gym Leader Marthe was there to step in and field any challenge.  That she did, as first time challenger, Jacob V went for the Dragon-type gym badge. Continue reading

Online Deck #2 – The Energy Burglar

As we’ve mentioned many times before, Gym Leader Joel loves creating and testing out deck ideas, probably more than actually playing the TCG.  The next deck that we will look at from his and Gym Leader Logan’s stash of deck ideas is one of his personal favorites.  If he had been able to make any more Battle Roads, this deck was next on his list to play.  The “Energy Burglar” was built with the Plasma Basics in mind.  If you have already had your fill of playing the same copied lists of Kyurem/Deoxys/Thundurus/Whatever, then this is definitely a deck to try out. Continue reading

Online Deck #1 – Turbo Dragon

This will be the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s first article where we provide you with a look at some of our online decks.  Creating deck ideas has always been Gym Leader Joel’s favorite part of the TCG.  As we described in our last article, the TCG online has provided us with a unique tool to build and test out all sorts of reshexdeck ideas.  One feature of the online game that we forgot to mention in the last article is that in the “deck manager” section, it keeps a running W-L record for each of your decks.  We will look at several decks that have good overall records online (some more surprising than others).  First up is the deck that I played in the only 2 Battle Roads that I was able to attend this Spring.  It may be the best of the online decks that we will review.  It took 3rd place at Harrisonburg, VA, but then had a rough day a few weeks later at Cornelius, NC, where the local the North Carolina Gothitelle/Accelgor fan club showed up.  As you’ll see, it’s success is all about match-ups. Continue reading

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

onlineThe Pokemon Company has been developing an online version of the TCG for the last 2 years.  Early versions of it allowed some limited play with starter-type decks.  As you battled computer opponents, slightly better cards would be unlocked to add to your deck (whether you wanted them or not, if I remember correctly).  While the idea was cool to play around Continue reading

Gym Leaders at Battle Roads & Hunter’s Challenge

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym took its show on the road this past weekend in lieu of league play and traveled to Harrisonburg for 1 of several Spring Battle Roads tournaments.  That combined with a weekend of baseball double headers and softball games has unfortunately kept us away from the computer to update recent news from the Gym.  So, lets catch up a little on recent challenges and how the Gym Leaders fared in their 1st tournament of the Spring. Continue reading

Hunter Halfway There Against Final Four

This Sunday, in the first ever attempt to defeat the “Final Four” at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, our league’s top trainer left the Gym halfway towards his goal.  The challenge, available only to those who have defeated all 9 Gym Leader decks, is a once-per season battle where the trainer must defeat 4 decks in a row.  Each deck fits within the themes that we feel fit the major styles of playing the pokemon TCG, Speed, Defense, Power and Skill.  Hunter H began his challenge on Sunday and played through the first 2 decks like a true league champion. Continue reading