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Check Out Our Newest Items From Japan!

Sorry for the delay on content.  We’ve had back-to-back weekends of conventions and have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken.  Anyway, we just got this order in for our next show, Louisville Galaxycon.  If you like what you see, come visit us there.  Enjoy the video, see you at the Gym!

Pokemon Order from Japan

Don’t forget to join us this Sunday in Fincastle for a League Challenge!

Gym Leader Update After #400

As most of you likely saw, Daniel S helped us hit the milestone of our 400th gym challenge completed at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  We are already on the way to number 500, as we have two more down and a 3rd halfway completed.  Those of you that have followed the Gym over the years know that Gym Leader Joel likes his statistics.  We don’t know that the numbers we keep have any deep meaning.  They do some show trends, such as which leader is tough to beat and which types are harder to take down.  Some decks that were once hard to defend have become some of our best decks.  Some, like the Dragon type deck, thanks to the random typing of many pokemon that Continue reading

Gym Deck Retired: Solgaleo GX

Today we are going to look at the recently retired Steel-type gym leader deck.  Traditionally, Steel-types in the TCG have been designed to be more defensive, offering larger HP numbers or defensive abilities in exchange for heavier attack costs.  In the sets released prior to Sun & Moon, one had to wonder if Pokemon forgot that they were a thing at all.  When Bronzong (PHF 61) rotated out of the format, taking Aegislash EX with it, it became very difficult to construct a functional Steel deck.  Gym Leader Joel rode a Mega Scizor EX deck about as long as anyone could stand (because M-Scizor really was not that interesting to play), patiently waiting for something else to come along.  Luckily for him, gym leader challenges were not taking place very often during that time, so he did not have to take too many losses with the deck.  Sun & Moon came along and gave Joel a gift in the form of the most offensive Steel pokemon that he had ever seen (and no, we’re not talking Hollywood-offensive, we mean capable of offense-offensive).  Joel immediately turned this gift into a successful deck. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Gym Leader Challenge Update

As we have described many times before, the Gym Leader Challenge is a facet of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym that is exclusive to our league.  We have single-type decks of each type in the TCG available to test your best decks against.  The concept was born to follow the adventure that video game players experience while playing through the story mode of each edition of Pokemon video games.   Gym Leader Joel has been brainstorming a bit about how to up the reward for whomever completes Gym Leader Challenge #400 at the Fincastle Pokemon Gym.  We hit a new high at #300, where we supplied a fully built, competitive deck to the winner (Plasma Lugia EX).  Knowing that we don’t have unlimited funds, we believe he has found a cool way to achieve that. Continue reading

Congratulations Eddie, v1.0!

As promised, the Fincastle Gym hit another milestone at our league.  Sunday, Gym Leader Joel battled the youngest player to ever take on one of our Gym Leader Challenges.  Eddie R, maybe standing all of 3 1/2′ tall, is about as full of himself as any 6-year-old that we have met.  To be good at this game, you need to able to read and comprehend ideas that are pretty foreign to the average pluff15-year-old mind.  You need to be able to perform basic math and at times, math that goes way beyond the definition of “basic”.  You need to be able to grasp the strategy of a themed deck, whether it is a creation of the best cards you have or a deck based off of the top decks played by Masters and Seniors.  Pokemon rates this game for ages 6 and up, but from what we seen on average, most kids aren’t ready until they are closer to 8.  The average 6-year-old (in our country, anyway) does not read and is not expected to be able to.  If their parents are active with them, many 6-year-olds are counting, but that’s a far cry from doing math.  The most complex strategy in most 6-year-old brains is how get something they want or how to not do something their parents want them to do.  We have absolutely zero qualms in labeling any 6 year old that can play this TCG as “exceptional”. Continue reading

Congratulations Brycen (v6.0) and Hunter (v8.0)!

After two weeks off for the Regional Championships, the Fincastle Gym Leaders had quite the array of challengers awaiting their return at the Gym.  We jumped right into the fray, taking on a total of 5 Gym Challenges on the day.  Gym Leader Logan completed a routine defense of  the Water-type badge, while Gym Leader Marthe had a much tougher time in holding off an attempt on the Psychic-type badge.  Gym Leader Joel was the one on the hot seat today, as he took on 2 attempts for the Fire-type badge and 1 for the Steel-type badge.  When it was all said and done, Joel had to pay out some badges. Continue reading

Congratulations Eli!

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym had an exciting and very busy weekend with both the Dark Explorers pre-release and league on Sunday.  Saturday’s pre-release saw several trainers pull some nice EX’s and take home door prizes including extra packs, theme decks and deck boxes.  On Sunday, we got right back into league action and gym challenges.  In Gym Leader Joel’s absence, Gym Leader Marthe stepped in to field a challenge for the grass badge.  What happens when another Gym Leader steps in to try to run a rather complicated grass deck?  I think the song says, “Yeah, Toast!” Continue reading