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The Bargain Bin #2 – Plucky Duck

Today we are going to look at our 2nd budget deck of our “Bargain Bin” series.  As we pointed out last time, when new cards are released, some deck combos are strikingly obvious to experienced TCG players.  These instant decks (just add water) are usually the 1st to flood the flooded arena of “pay to keep reading” duk9websites and the more accessible YouTube channels, as they both are always digging for content for their readers and viewers.  “Instant decks” are often those that receive a lot of hype when a set is released, usually bound to fade away into the shadows of the deck establishment.  Today’s deck is one of those “instant decks”.  However, this is one that we would caution you to not write off too quickly.  We’ve tested this one and we like it a lot.  And, to beat the band, it just happens to fall nicely into our budget category. Continue reading

2017 Spotlight On Mega Love #3 – Turtle and Teeth

Today  we are going to double down on Mega Love and look at 2 lists.  These lists carry 2 distinct strategies that do differ from each other quite a bit.  However, as the builds are similar in card counts, Gym Leader Joel feels like he can handle this degree of multitasking.  Oh yes, that is right, he is quite the experienced stoy1multi-tasker.  His years of intense divided focus has spanned such impressive areas as watching TV and eating, playing his 3DS and watching TV, eating and playing his 3DS while watching TV, reading or playing his 3DS while sitting on the… well, scratch that one… probably too much info.  Either way, this ain’t his 1st rodeo,  so sit back and enjoy this double-barrel of Mega Love with 2 “Water-type” giants…. (hold on…. I had to turn the TV off, I couldn’t remember what I was trying to say), Blastoise EX and Glalie EX. Continue reading

Update On League Seasons And Rewards

Sometimes Pokemon news comes in ways you just can’t miss.  We’ve seen announcement take the form a TV adds, internet promotions, information packets to organizers or even well thought out and descriptive articles on Pokemon.com.  Sometimes they are a little more subtle.  Take the new season of league materials and format for league play, for example.  Several weeks ago we received some league posters that looked like smaller versions of the aposter“leaderboard” posters we used last season.  And… that was it, no instructions, no promo pins, badges, cards, etc.  So, we’ve made no announcements at league because we did not have anything to tell you other than, “We got posters”.  League leaders were finally given a breakdown of what to do with said posters, although we have yet to receive the accompanying materials (which we have learned will be Item cards specific to each season).  So, this is what we know. Continue reading

City Championships Kickoff This Weekend!

pikachu_2001_600x600We had a great turnout for our first Fincastle League Challenge on Sunday, and everyone got in some quality practice for the next level of Pokemon Premier events, which start this weekend.  That’s right, between Thanksgiving and the first weekend of January, the Pokemon calendar will be full of City Championships.  There are 9 events in Virginia plus nearby events in North Carolina.  If you’re planning to travel any time this holiday season, head over to pokemon.com and see if there will be any events near you.  This is also a great way to find local League play when you travel anytime.  Gym Leader Joel has attended leagues in Georgia when he has had to travel for work. Continue reading

Legendary Treasures Pre-Release Friday 11/1

texpromoOn Friday, 11/1/13, the Fincastle Gym will host a pre-release tournament featuring the brand new Black & White: Legendary Treasures series of cards – before they can be purchased in stores!  This is the last set of the Black & White card series.  This set features both reprints combined with new printings of big cards from the current format, with the return of a few cards that were just rotated out in September.  Catch both legendary and EX pokemon one more time before they go on sale in stores.

Registration is from 5:30-6:30 pm with play beginning by 7 pm.  The entry fee is $30 (cash only).  You will initially receive 6 booster packs from which you will make a 40 card deck (energy supplied by the organizer).  After we play a for-fun tournament (3 rounds total), you receive an additional 2 booster packs.  You Continue reading

Last Minute Pokemon Shopping Ideas.

xmasWhy we didn’t think of doing this earlier is unfortunate, but somewhere between 2 basketball seasons, dance practice and recital, a parade and recent City Championships, the Fincastle Gym Leaders have been just a little busy.  One of the things we’ve learned over the years is a more economical approach to buying Pokemon cards and merchandise.  Some of this info may have been more useful a few weeks ago, but if you’re like me, you’ve still got some shopping to do.  So, here are a few helpful tips. Continue reading