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2020-2021 Rotation List

Check out our 1st TCG Rotation video.  This once was the location for our in depth articles on the Standard Format Rotation each year.  Here is our video version.

Compete Guide To The 2021 Season TCG Rotation

Here are the lists to accompany the video.  Enjoy!



Rotated Cards


  • Celesteela GX (FA)
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma GX
  • Dialga GX (Drg)
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma GX
  • Glaceon GX
  • Leafeon GX
  • Lunala GX (gold)
  • Palkia GX (Drg)
  • Pheromosa GX (FA)
  • Silvally GX
  • Solgaleo GX (gold)
  • Xurkitree GX (FA)


  • Cynthia
  • escape board
  • Lillie
  • Memory (F,L)
  • Lana (FA)
  • Lusamine (FA)
  • Mt Coronet
  • Order Pad
  • Pokemon Fan Club
  • Unit Energy (L/P/M)
  • Volkner

-Prism Star:

  • Cyrus
  • Darkrai
  • Giratina
  • Lunala
  • Solgaleo
  • Super Boost Energy

Other Rare/Common/Uncommon

  • Lucario
  • Garchomp (Drg)
  • Empoleon
  • Magnezone
  • Oranguru
  • Pachirisu
  • Rampardos
  • Tapu Lele
  • Weavile

Set Cards That Don’t Rotate (Keepers):

  • Crushing Hammer (SWSH)
  • Unidentified Fossil (TEU, UNM)
  • Pal Pad (SWSH)


Rotated Cards


  • Dialga GX(M)
  • Greninja GX
  • Lucario GX(FA)
  • Nagandel GX
  • Palkia GX (W)
  • Ultra Necrozma GX
  • Xerneas GX
  • Yveltal GX
  • Zygarde GX


  • Beast Ring
  • Bonnie
  • Crasher Wake
  • Diantha
  • Energy Recycler (SR)
  • Judge
  • Lysandre labs
  • Metal Frying Pan
  • Mysterious Treasure
  • Ultra Space
  • Unit Energy (F, D, Y)

-Prism Star:

  • Arceus
  • Beast Energy
  • Diancie
  • Lysandre
  • Volcanion

Other Rare/Common/Uncommon:

  • Alolan Exeggcutor (Tropical Shake)
  • Buzzwole (“baby”)
  • Garchomp (F)
  • Malamar
  • Magnezone

Set Cards That Don’t Rotate:

  • Unidentified Fossil (TEU, UNM)


Rotated Cards


  • Alolan Raticate GX
  • Articuno GX
  • Banette GX
  • Blaziken GX
  • Electrode GX
  • Mr Mime GX (Evens)
  • Palosand GX
  • Rayquaza GX
  • Scizor GX
  • Shiftry GX
  • Stakataka GX


  • Acro Bike
  • Apricorn Maker
  • Bill’s Maintenance
  • Copycat
  • Energy Recycle System
  • Fisherman
  • Friend Ball
  • Hau
  • Hustle Belt
  • Lisia
  • Lure Ball
  • Pokenav
  • Rainbow Brush
  • Shrine of Punishment
  • Sky Pillar
  • Rainbow Energy
  • Steven’s Resolve
  • Super Scoop Up
  • Tate & Liza
  • TV Reporter
  • Underground Expedition

-Prism Star:

  • Jirachi
  • Latias
  • Latios

Other Rare/Common/Uncommon:

  • Deoxys
  • Magcargo
  • Swampert

Set Cards That Don’t Rotate:

  • Energy Switch (SWSH)
  • Rare Candy (SWSH)
  • Switch (SWSH)



Rotated Cards


  • Altaria GX
  • Dragonite GX
  • Kingdra GX
  • Reshiram GX
  • Salamence GX
  • White Kyurem GX


  • Dragon Talon
  • Fiery Flint
  • Switch Raft
  • Zinia

-Prism Star

  • Lance
  • Victini

Other Rare/Common/Uncommon:

  • Altaria
  • Blaziken
  • Quagsire
  • Turtonator

Set Cards That Don’t Rotate:

  • None



Rotated Cards


  • Alolan Ninetales GX
  • Blacephalon GX
  • Genesect GX
  • Lugia GX
  • Magcargo GX
  • Mimikyu GX
  • Sceptile GX
  • Shuckle GX
  • Sigilyph GX
  • Suicune GX
  • Tyranitar GX
  • Virizion GX


  • Adventure Bag
  • Choice Helmet
  • Counter Gain
  • Custom Catcher
  • Electropower
  • Faba
  • Fairy Charm (D,F,G,P)
  • Judge
  • Lost Blender
  • Mina
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Net Ball
  • Professor Elm’s Research
  • Sightseer
  • Spell Tag
  • Wait & See Hammer

-Prism Star

  • Celebi
  • Ditto
  • Heat Factory
  • Life Forest
  • Lusamine
  • Thunder Mountain

Other Rare/Common/Uncommon:

  • Blissey
  • Granbull
  • Lost March (Jumpluff, Skiploom, Trumbeak, Natu)
  • Miltank
  • Nagandel
  • Nihelgo
  • Shaymin
  • Shedinja
  • White Kyurem
  • Wobbuffet

Set Cards That Don’t Rotate:

  • None

As a reminder, when we mention a GX, that includes all 3 versions of it:  the regular, full art and rainbow rare.


Pre-Release Pulls and Games

This Sunday marked the final day of the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s Sword & Shield pre-release events.  Many of our players hit some really awesome cards.  Check out the videos of the Lexington and Fincastle events.  Stick around until the end of Fincastle video and watch Gym Leaders Logan and Joel play for bragging rights of  “Pre-release Tournament Champion” with cards from the brand new set!

Lexington Pre-Release

Fincastle Pre-Release

Enjoy!  Support our channel by “Liking” & “Subscribing” on the YouTube page!


Several New Videos Up On Dark Moon Cards & Games

The Fincastle Pokemon Gym and Dark Moon Cards & Games have got several new videos up to kick off 2020.  Check them out!

Re-Ment box opening and sales

Alolan Sandslash GX box review

Discussion of new TCG rules w/Sword & Shield

Enjoy the videos and see you at the Gym!

Check Out Our Newest Items From Japan!

Sorry for the delay on content.  We’ve had back-to-back weekends of conventions and have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken.  Anyway, we just got this order in for our next show, Louisville Galaxycon.  If you like what you see, come visit us there.  Enjoy the video, see you at the Gym!

Pokemon Order from Japan

Don’t forget to join us this Sunday in Fincastle for a League Challenge!

Opening A Case Of Cosmic Eclipse Booster Packs!

Check out our latest videos of opening the brand new Cosmic Eclipse set.  The set goes on sale tomorrow, 11/1/19.  Dark Moon Cards and Games will have everything from the videos and more with them this weekend at Nekocon.  What we bring home will by available online beginning Monday, 11/4/19.  Check it out, some very beautiful cards in this set:

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 1

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 2

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 3

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 4

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 5

Cosmic Eclipse – Part 6

We will have league at our normal time this Sunday, 11/3/19.  See you at the Gym!

Pale Moon GX Box Review

Check out our latest video to find out everything you need to know about the latest Tag Team box.

Pale Moon GX Box Review

Stick around until the end of the video to see what we got from the booster packs.

10/6/19 League Cup Match – Noah S vs John H

Remember Napster?  If you were born after 2000, then you surely don’t.  Nowadays, you can go to Amazon, purchase a song and download it in about 20 seconds, if it takes that long.  At the turn of the last century (makes it sound like a very long time ago), you went to Napster, chose the song you wanted to illegally download, then watched and waited for 2.5, maybe 3 hours or more while your 3 minute song downloaded over your dial-up connection.  It was painful.  And what does have to do with this match?  Well, thanks to where we live, the forgotten part of our county on the forgotten side of the state of Virginia, uploading a video to YouTube takes me back to the days of Napster.  We have three matches from Sunday.  We started uploading this one last night at about 10pm.  It finished this morning a little after 7am.  I think our connection to the internet involves some fishing line, a few cans and some Bisquick.

With that being said, here is the first match from Round 3 where one of our junior competitors, Noah S, faced senior, John H.  Both were among our 6 players that qualified for Worlds in August.  More videos are on the way… very slowly.  Enjoy.

Noah vs John – Round 3 – Fincastle League Cup 10/6/19

The Gym Goes To YouTube!

The Fincastle Gym and Dark Moon Cards & Games are thrilled to announce the launch of our YouTube channel!  This has been something that Gym Leader Joel has wanted to do for quite some time, but just did not have the time and more importantly, the understanding to do.  You know what it’s like trying to explain to your parent/grandparent how to use their first smart phone?  Well, it probably wasn’t that bad, but it is in the same ballpark.  And in no way, shape or form have we fully figured it out.  For right now, we have a camera, a channel and some editing software, and we’re fine with that for now.  What we’ve noticed over the last several years here is that the migration of the world to the smart phone has decreased the desire and ability of people to absorb long written articles, like the ones that we have focused on since 2012.  As times change, so must we.

Before we go any further, here is the link to the channel:

Dark Moon Cards & Games – YouTube

Our plan is for the channel to provide a mix of media for our leagues (both in Fincastle & Lexington) and to share with you many of the products available in our store (Dark Moon Cards & Games), as well as products only available at conventions we attend.  Unfortunately, the launch has been more Wright Brothers than Space X… we planned to launch the site with several videos at once, not knowing that thanks to SW Virginia internet speeds, it would take 3 days to upload 6 videos.  At any rate, our first wave of material includes product reviews of the Porygon Z GX box and the Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Kit and the accompanying opening of those items.

We will try and capture at least the finals of our League Cup this Sunday, October 6, and bring you that content as well.  At future league meetings, we will try to pick up some games, or a featured match on days that time and attendance allow.  We have no intention of becoming a deck analysis site, as one more lamb bleating on a mountain already full of sheep won’t offer you anything but more sheep breath.  If we play something fun or come up with something different, we may share it on the channel.

The majority of future posts here will simply be to alert you to new content on the channel.  So, please check back here as often as you like.  To help us continue our long running league and business, we’d also like to ask that you “Like” as many videos you’d like (that’s like a lot of likes) and “Subscribe” to our channel.  We will work to improve our content and video quality as we gain some much needed experience.  We’re always open to ideas, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions.  Head over to our channel when you get a chance.  Until next time, see you at the Gym!

2018 World Championships Recap & Photos From Nashville

The Fincastle Gym Leaders came back home from their trip to the 2018 Pokemon World Championships in Nashville, TN.  Upon returning, we immediately had to pack up for GEXCON, in D.C. on the following weekend, so we are unfortunately delayed in getting this report out.  While not competing in the main event, Gym Leaders Joel, Logan and Georgia did try their hand at the Nashville Open, a regional-level tournament held on Saturday.  They were also there to cheer on Ridge and Anna Radtke, as they competed in their first Video Game World Championship.  Overall the weekend was a really cool.  There were a multitude of things to see, including a massive Mega Construx Blastoise accompanied by its previous forms, a diorama to end all dioramas, a decked out Pokemon Center full of unique things to buy and of course, lots of Nashville themed decorations throughout the hall.   The weekend full of competitions had its strikes and gutters, ups and downs for The Gym.  As the Dude once said, you know, sometimes you eat the bar, and, sometimes uh, you know….  Alas, The Gym abides. Continue reading

Pokemon 2018 TCG Rotation – Sun & Moon-on!

The Pokemon Company and Play!Pokemon announced its 2018 TCG rotation… back in May.  Why?  “Why” is an often asked and rarely answered question for a lot actions taken by the corporation.  Our speculation as to this “why” is similar to the scenario of the “Top Cut” website (remember the original online site with “Pooka”, where all net-deckers went to get their lists).   The Top Cut was taking too much internet traffic away from Pokemon.com.  So, Pokemon hired Pooka (the site’s creator) to write and commentate for them, thus improving their service and eliminating a competitor.  Of course, dozens of other sites popped up in his absence and the entire community had to embrace net-decking just to keep up, thus turning to many other internet sources.  Mission not accomplished.  Our annual rotation article is our site’s biggest draw, and the subject in general draws lots of traffic to various YouTube channels and other sites.  So, Pokemon’s response is… just throw it out there in May.  Solid plan.  The discussion of “why’s” is not why we’re here today, so let’s move on to the reason we are here, the rotation. Continue reading