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10/6/19 Fincastle League Cup Finals

Check out the final match, a best 2 of 3 match between Seth Poore, playing “Green’s Reshizard” against Logan Honts playing “Pikarom”.

League Cup Finals

Join Hee-Haw’s Generals, the Gym’s First Juniors Team

A hug for Oshawott

In a year of many firsts for the Fincastle Pokemon Gym, we have reached another one that we did not recognize until our time in San Francisco watching Georgia and Logan compete against the best players in the world.  The 2016-17 season will be the 1st time since we have been involved with the game that we do not have a competitor of our own in the Junior Division.  The Junior Division has been very good to the gym leaders as both Logan and Georgia quickly became dominant forces in the Juniors during their respective years within those ranks.  Beginning with Gym Leader Logan and the 1st scholarship that he won as a Regional Champion, the siblings have amassed a collection of “goodies” (like mats, hats, plushes, deck boxes, backpacks and more booster packs that we can account for) and cash travel allowances that given them a leg up on saving for the future.  As Georgia graduates into the Senior Division this year, the rewards have grown to even higher numbers, leaving us wishing that we had another Junior.  A spark went off in Gym Leader Joel’s head as he watched Georgia dominate her American opponents and battle down to the wire against 3 of Japan’s top finishers at Worlds (and no, we’re not adopting a child to compete… although his idea is along those lines). Continue reading

2016 TCG States Come To A Close

raceAs the TCG State Championship series wraps up this weekend, so does a very impressive run from the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s best.  Gym Leader Georgia entered the series with her World Championship invitation already in hand, so for her, the State Championships were a chance to test out some different ideas.  Gym Leader Logan, on the other hand, entered the series looking to secure an invitation to Worlds, a concept that he was not even on his radar as he began this season.  As they frequently do (a fact that we sometimes take for granted), both Georgia and Logan went above and beyond. Continue reading

North Carolina TCG States & VG Midseason Showdown This Weekend!

statesThe Fincastle Pokemon Gym is off to another busy weekend.  This Saturday, 4/2/16, Gym Leader Marthe is running the North Carolina State TCG Championships in Mooresville, NC, followed by the VG Midseason Showdown on Sunday, 4/3/16, at the same location.  There will be side-events that will be announced on location.  In addition to the TCG and VG events, the Gym will be manning the vendor showdownlocation for Dark Moon Cards & Games.  This is our 1st venture in on-site sales, so come by and check us out.  We have both card singles and booster packs for sale.  We have TCG gaming supplies, promotional items, Pokemon plushes, buttons and pins.  We will also have a limited buy list available, with an emphasis on limited, as this is our 1st attempt and don’t want to get in over our heads.

Check out our “Upcoming Events” tab for details on both events or follow us on Facebook.  Of course, with all that going on, we unfortunately will not have our league meeting this Sunday in Fincastle.  We will, however, be back next Sunday, 4/13, at our regular time.  If you can’t wait until then, then come join us this weekend in Mooresville.  If we don’t see you this weekend, then we’ll see you next time at the Gym

Gym Leaders Race Through Maryland States!

gojacksBeing from ACC country, we at the Gym always think of Maryland as the Terrapin state.  However, thanks to a quick internet search, we’re not so sure.  Is their state animal a blue crab?  We’re not really sure, but we do know that there is not a lot of writing material that comes to mind when we think about blue crabs.  They are tasty, though.  Anyway, while our blood runs Wahoo orange & blue, thanks to Gym Leader Logan’s love of the obscure, we love to cheer on the SDSU Jackrabbits.  Why South Dakota State?  Well, what mascot anywhere is cooler than the Jackrabbits?  The Jacks opened Friday afternoon in the NCAA tourney with the worst half of basketball that they’ve played all year against none other than the Maryland Terrapins.  Despite the bad start, they overcame an 18 point deficit in a matter of minutes, closing to within 2 in the last minute of the game, only to miss a last second chance to tie.  Gym Leaders Logan and Georgia had vengeance on their minds as they traveled to Maryland the following day for the Maryland State TCG Championships.  Avenge the Jacks they did, in impressive fashion, if we do say so ourselves. Continue reading

Gym Leader Georgia Headed To Worlds!

Star Wars Day & Easter 009Gym Leader Georgia, the Fincastle Gym’s youngest leader, at 9 yrs old, has broken new ground for us.  Logan, our most accomplished leader (2-time World’s competitor), did not pick up a pokemon card until he was 8.  Logan was 9 by the time we started to even understand what this game was all about.  Logan paved the way for the Gym to turn into what it has become.  In doing so, he laid the blueprint for his younger sister to follow, if so inclined.  Georgia inclined and then inclined a little more, turning on to her brother’s path and then charging up it.  As a result, Georgia has earned her first invitation to the Pokemon TCG World Championships, which will take place in Washington DC on the 2nd weekend in August. Continue reading