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Gym’s First General Takes 4th Place at Blue Ridge Regional

One of the first ideas that came to Gym Leader Joel upon learning in July of 2016 that we would host and organize Roanoke’s first-ever Regional Championships event was to develop a program to prepare trainers from our leagues for the tournament.  Joel outlined the details for Hee-Haw’s Generals, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym’s juniors team, shortly after and waited for the response.  And waited, and waited… and waited.  The service that the Gym is offering is the same that many pay-to-view deck sites offer, for a fee of course, with one big difference.  Our service does not cost a dime.  We have several promising TCG prospects that are perhaps a bit young (5 & 6) for a day-long tournament.  However, we did get a video game trainer who wanted to give the Regionals a whirl.  While we feared that our first taker jumped in the game a little too late to properly prepare for the event, Gym Leaders Dean, Noah and Joel scrambled to help him gather a team together and then put the rest in his hands.  Ridge R, now known to us as “The First General”, showed what a quick study he is.  Ridge stepped up, practiced with his team and at the Blue Ridge Regional Video Game Championship, claimed 4th place, falling one match short of potentially winning the whole thing. Continue reading


Fincastle Battle Roads Breaks Attendance Record!

This Sunday, the Fincastle Gym hosted its second Battle Roads tournament ever in the metropolis of Fincastle.  Turnout for the event topped all of the previous tournaments and pre-releases that we’ve hosted both here and in Roanoke.  We had 20 juniors, 14 seniors and 10 masters for a grand total of 44!  I think we had one spare chair in the building, so I’d say we were pretty close to capacity.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  In addition to great attendance, we boasted some great competition as well, especially in the senior division.  Our seniors division had three competitors fresh off of trips to the 2012 World Championships (where all three did very well) as well as several of the Gym’s top trainers.  Several of these matches were better quality contests than the games the NFL put out there Sunday afternoon (especially for poor Jets fans like us).  Onto the results. Continue reading