Upcoming Event Details

This Page will be updated with details for upcoming events organized by Gym Leader Marthe.  For an extensive list of all Pokemon events in your area, please reference https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/events/

Players may register and pre-pay for prerelease events at www.DarkMoonCardsandGames.com.  Save yourself a wait in the registration line!


Sunday, July 9 (August 13)

Registration 2:45 – 3:15 PM

Entry fee: $5

Standard deck construction. Decklist required. Prizes include Prize Card and Booster Packs for 1st – 4th place finish in each age group.


Sunday, June 18

Registration 2:45 – 3:15 PM

Entry fee: FREE

Worlds 2017 Format. Teamlist required. Championship Points awarded based on division attendance.


Saturday, July 22 – Lynchburg – Star Port @ River Ridge Mall 1 PM
Sunday, July 23 – Fincastle – Fincastle Library Meeting Room 3 PM
Monday, July 24 – Lexington – Preston Library Meeting Room 6 PM
Saturday, July 29 – Lynchburg – Untamed Worlds 1 PM

Entry fee: $30

Players receive a 22-card Prerelease pack (with one of 4 exclusive promos) plus 4 booster packs of Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows. Given 30 minutes to construct a 40-card Pokemon deck, including basic energy provided by organizer. After 3-4 rounds of tournament play, all players will receive a MINIMUM of 2 additional booster packs of Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows. Door prizes will also be awarded.