Prizes for July 31st Gym Tournament

As mentioned previously, the Fincastle Pokemon Gym is hosting an open tournament on July 31st, 2011 at the Fincastle Library.  Here is a quick rundown of the prizes available.

Prizes for each age group and door prizes.

In Each Age Division:

1st Place – 2 packs of Black & White, 2 packs of Call of Legends and first choice*

2nd Place – 2 packs of Black & White, 1 pack of Call of Legends and second choice*

3rd Place – 1 pack of Black & White, 1 pack of Call of Legends and third choice*

4th Place – 1 pack of Black & White, 1 pack of Call of Legends and fourth choice*


*Choice Prizes:

The Choice prizes are exactly that…. winner’s choice.  In addition to the booster packs listed above, 1st – 4th place in each age group get to choose one of the following: a playmat, a binder, a deck box w/sleeves or a pack of sleeves.  The 1st place winner gets, of course, first choice, 2nd place picks next and so on.  We hope that this way no one will get any repeats of prizes they won in earlier tournaments.

Door Prizes include – deck boxes, sleeves, posters, mini-binders, theme deck and promo toys.  There are lots of door prizes, so, depending on attendance, it is likely that almost everyone will receive something if they attend.

The tournament is only two Sundays from now.  As a reminder, format for the event is any cards from Majestic Dawn and newer sets.  As Play!Pokemon has already moved on to HGSS and newer, this may be one of your last chances to play your favorite “old” stuff in a tournament.  Come join the fun.  The more the merrier and remember, admission is FREE.  Anyone needing help with a deck list should find a Gym Leader next Sunday.  You can find programs online by searching “pokemon decklist creator/program” online.  See you at the Gym!


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